Night of the Cobra Woman


Horror / Thriller

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Reviewed by lazarillo 7

Joy Bang plays a brilliant scientist (hold on a second--I have to stop laughing hysterically) who is in the Philipines doing research on snakes. Her dorky boyfriend comes to visit, for some reason bringing his pet falcon with him. He goes exploring in the jungle and his falcon ends up killing a snake--bad news since this was the sacred snake of a Filipino snake cult led by an African-American woman (Marlene Clark) who has been using snake venom to keep herself young ever since she was accidentally bitten by a snake while serving as a nurse during World War III. Problem is all this snake venom apparently causes her to turn into a snake (at least, I think--they kept this particular transformation offscreen, possibly as a homage to the original &quot;Cat People&quot;, but more likely because this is a cheap-ass Filipino production). But speaking of asses, it is left up to the owner one of the nicest ones of the early 70&#39;s (Bang) to save the day after her boyfriend is seduced into some interracial ((and perhaps inter-special) lovin&#39; by the evil cobra women.<br/><br/>Actually as Filipino productions go this isn&#39;t that bad. It has the same scruffy charm as the John Ashley/Eddie Romero &quot;Blood Island&quot; series and between Clark and Bang it almost approaches the T and A level of the Roger Corman/Jack Hill WIP films. It also seems to directed with a considerable amount of intelligence by someone who was clearly in on the joke (although being in on the joke is vastly overrated in my opinion). The acting is a little weak. Bang is a little miscast and not nearly as good as leading lady as she is as a character actor, and Marlene Clark is no Pam Grier (who really should have played this role). The interest of either of these women in the dipstick leading man is REALLY beyond me though.<br/><br/>Not great, but Filipino horror/exploitation fans at least will certainly want to check it out.

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