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Reviewed by eddax 5

I looked forward to the first two Naruto movies when the series was still fresh to me but now, the movies seem like a string of fillers with a bigger budget, with largely unremarkable stories and always a preachy moral. Typically, the only scenes I enjoy in the movies are when more of Konoha&#39;s cast of shinobis are used in battle. Honestly, the show might be named &quot;Naruto&quot; but enough of him already. Enough of the unrequited bromance between him and Sasuke too. And I would like to see the women be more useful. On the rare occasion they get to kick butt, they&#39;re not even good at it. <br/><br/>Hmm, this has turned into a QQ post about the Naruto series. I don&#39;t have much else to say about the movie though. The Leaf Village gets attacked and we do get to see some of its defenders do their thing, but those scenes are woefully sparse and short. Mostly, it&#39;s more of Naruto&#39;s emo-ness and life lessons. Zzz. They really need to learn from Pixar and adult up their stories a bit.

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