Mythica: The Necromancer


Action / Adventure

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Reviewed by jannispetersen 4

First-off I wanted to give a warning. The ratings suddenly exploded over night with 500 new 10 star ratings and the rating jumped from 6 to 9 stars. Seems a bit suspicious if you ask me.<br/><br/>That said, this film is like a filler episode in the Mythica story. Nothing much happens to progress the story. A bit cool dialogue and a new character keep it somewhat interesting. The fighting scenes and the new quest are far inferior though to the previous film - and this, plus the filler story, is why I didn&#39;t enjoy it as much.<br/><br/>If you want to continue following the Mythica universe, you should still watch it, but lower your expectations and don&#39;t expect as good a film as the previous one! I think it&#39;s justified to call this a filler episode - keep this in mind and you are good to go.

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Reviewed by oddjrgensen 2

Not going to bother with the story line, there really is not that much to say for it, more or less a D&amp;D session made into a movie, with a sub-par DM as director/movie maker.<br/><br/>Production value makes the standard Scy-Fy Channels stuff look stellar by comparison. Effects are as cheesy as it gets. Dialogue is laughable at best.<br/><br/>The actors may as well be D&amp;D players doing this movie for free. It&#39;s that bad.<br/><br/>And just to underscore how bad this is, some troll decided to bot the crap out of the ratings, spamming it with 10 star ratings.

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Reviewed by siderite 7

The movie starts pretty weakly, with the choice between killing two people and grabbing a rope versus going on a dangerous quest most certain to be followed by deceit, but I went with it.<br/><br/>There is a new bug controlling character who was pretty interesting, but not nearly explored enough. A smuggler appears later in the film who was also fun, but then he died just when he was becoming interesting and then there are the legions of faceless people dying while all the main characters claim they are righteous and not murderers.<br/><br/>Well, it was fun, although a bit clunky with the story. It made Merrick finally decide her path and didn&#39;t squirm from hurting the main characters. All in all, I liked it, but I expect more. They can do better, as they have proved in the past.

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