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Reviewed by Jo_Blo_Movie_Critic 6

6/10 - probably one of my least favorite Samantha Kinsey mysteries, but it's still quite entertaining

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Reviewed by vickic531 4

I watched this movie on a cold, snowy Saturday afternoon. Despite what some people expect from a movie, there are sometimes you just want to kill a couple of hours. That&#39;s what I did with this movie. The acting wasn&#39;t bad although it was fairly predictable. Kari Wuhrer is just as bad as when she was on MTV. Whoever told this woman she should be an actress wasn&#39;t very intelligent.<br/><br/>The twist at the end with &quot;Uncle Charlie&quot; was unnecessary and didn&#39;t add anything to the plot at all. Why did they even throw it in the movie?? If you want to kill a couple of hours, this isn&#39;t a bad movie to do it with, just don&#39;t expect to be wowed.

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Reviewed by cellphonefred 4

The entrance of the main storyline here (&quot;I could see he was upset in the pictures I took!&quot;) is comical in it&#39;s stupidity. There are so many flaws with the storyline and as mentioned before, the actors are really just phoning it in to get a paycheck and keep their SAG memberships active. This was the first &quot;Mystery Woman&quot; I was bored with.<br/><br/>However...who can fault Kellie Martin and her choice of some seriously short skirts for this entry? Clarence Williams III does a fine job as always, but Nina Siemaszko is still finding her way as the D.A./best friend Cassie. She doesn&#39;t seem like much of a best friend here. And what&#39;s with her hair being up almost all the time? The look gets old fast and it is a shame because Ms. Siemaszko is a very beautiful lady.<br/><br/>I for one liked the &quot;Uncle Charlie&quot; storyline and wish it had been the main one.

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