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Reviewed by blanche-2 6

I am really enjoying the Hallmark Mystery Series. This entry, Murder Weekend, I felt was superior to the first &quot;Mystery Woman&quot; entry I saw. First of all, it had the stunningly beautiful, creamy-voiced Beth Broderick as a diva mystery writer. The rest of the cast was perfect for this series, plus the actual mystery was intriguing.<br/><br/>It makes me feel like I need a rocking chair when I see Kellie Martin very grown up now and Clarence Williams III so old! He was an angry young man in my day, and Kellie has been a kid forever. No more. I am delighted to see her in this series and I hope the shows keep coming. I have one gripe - I think that store needs some more customers!

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Reviewed by nabor7 10

When I first saw the previews for the Mystery Woman series I was convinced they were going to be good. I never thought they could be this good! Excellent casting and plots make this one of the best contemporary mysteries ever. Some may think the Chief is over the top but I grew up in a small town and Chief Conners is just what one would expect. It&#39;s his town and he is the only one who knows what is really going on. I especially like Clarence Williams portrayal as Philby,a character with a mysterious past yet as common as the next man on the street. The entire cast is excellent and Hallmark has outdone themselves. I hope this can continue for quite some time. I had just seen &quot;Snapshot of a Murder&quot; and it to was excellent.

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Reviewed by fortheanimals16 10

I watched this movie tonight, and I was hooked during the entire two hours! I didn&#39;t even get up during the commercials because I was afraid I would miss something crucial to the plot. I didn&#39;t expect any of the things that happened. I was so happy to see Beth Broderick in a new movie. She is a brilliant and totally versatile actress, and did an amazing job playing Clare Beckman. The whole &quot;Mystery Woman&quot; series is awesome! When you&#39;re watching this movie it really seems like you&#39;re there. I don&#39;t really know how to sum this movie up without giving anything away----so you have to see it. I was never a big fan of Kellie Martin&#39;s but after seeing her in this mini-series, I will definitely start to watch more of her movies when they air.

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