Mystery 101: Deadly History


Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.6


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Reviewed by emmyk-52669 10

I absolutely loved these movies. I loved this one as well. But the ending confused me and absolutely broke my heart. I'm hoping that is was just a dream or not true.

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Reviewed by marisa1010 9

This was a great story. I am not sure if I 100% understood how everyone was or wasn&#39;t involved...I might watch end one more time because I felt some details weren&#39;t fully resolved at the end.<br/><br/>The 11 months later part threw me for a complete loop. I am not sure how they make that work. It makes zero sense with her personality. But I am sure I will still watch.

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Reviewed by ISmellSnow 10

I love how the movie keeps the audience guessing the whole time. Sure, a lot of characters were giving out weird vibes but they really didn&#39;t give much a way. The last few seconds are jarring, but it&#39;s Hallmark... we know it&#39;ll all be okay in the end!

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