My Senior Year


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Reviewed by williamgway 8

This movie was a pleasant surprise. This film takes on a familiar subject and does a great job. The movie handles this part of our life pretty well. Everyone remembers their high school time. Good acting by Perry Chicos as the lead as he helps us navigate the ups and downs of high school. There are some nice laughs in the movie as well. Joe Carlini takes a good script and gets the most out of his actors. I recommend it for a nice night in (and aren't all nights in these days?). A well done film.

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Reviewed by evelyne-8 8

We all can relate to this very heartfelt indie movie. Growing up is never easy, and its a right of passage we must all go through. When Perry wants to go back and experience his senior year it's full of all those right of passage moments we all hope to experience. Love, loss, stupidity, and connection. Very well acted and directed.

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Reviewed by directortim2012 9

In the middle of a pandemic, something inspirational is really welcome. And yet very true to high school emotions and realities. This film was funny, sometimes sad, always sweet. I found myself really invested in and cheering for the lead character. How many movies out there can do that anymore? A really fine indie charmer!

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