My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Forgotten Friendship


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Reviewed by jwwalrath-227-85487 8

This was a TV special about Sunset Shimmer&#39;s friends suddenly forgetting she was her friend and everyone only remembering when she was a bully. A simple story in theory but this turned out to be stronger, both emotionally and plotwise, than expected.<br/><br/>Now don&#39;t get me wrong, this is a show for young girls and not Shakespeare. But like most of the MLP:FiM universe, far more effort is put in writing-wise than most girl shows. This special utilizes the history of the characters and deals with Sunshet Shimmer dealing with past mistakes she made at Canterlot High and in Equestria. It also deals a lot with Sunset as a character and her regrets and sorrow at losing the friendships she has built. It is this backstory and characterization that makes the special more compelling that it has any right to be and ending in a touching conclusion.<br/><br/>On the downside, most of the main characters in this series are sidelined as Sunset is left alone for the majority of the special. On the plus, the spotlight is shown on the egotistical showwoman Trixie. She is a hoot and has the best lines.<br/><br/>Overall, a nice little special.

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Reviewed by Thumper-113 9

The Equestria Girls are back with their newest special, and their longest one yet up to date. We&#39;re back into the perspective of Sunset Shimmer and her everyday life with the rest of the equestria girls, all of whom have now adapted to their new magic abilities given to them from the previous film of Legend Of Everfree. However, magic is still on the loose in the world of humans and now something is happening to all of Sunset&#39;s friends, when one day they suddenly don&#39;t remember any of her good deeds or even their own friendship with her.<br/><br/>I did feel like the other equestria girls had more of a minor role than they usually would, but I really like the character development used in this story for the theme of memories. For instance, there are certain characters introduced along the way in which many people can actually relate to today, and further more about how new memories with others by your side can start at anytime. As for Sunset&#39;s case, we begin to see her as someone who is willing to stand up for everyone&#39;s cause if it means getting back to how things should be.<br/><br/>There were many exciting things to be seen all throughout this special, and even some heartfelt, challenging and needed moments to come across for certain characters. It was well paced, nicely scripted, strong animation for both designing and camera shots, great voicing and singing, and there were rarely any scenes that made you feel like it wasn&#39;t necessary to the storyline. <br/><br/>All in all, it was definitely an enjoyable worth-watching special that may even come to the likings of fans within the My Little Pony franchise who have yet to see much of the world of Equestria Girls.

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Reviewed by thetick-65848 8

&quot;...maybe you have to be nice.&quot;<br/><br/>Granted, any Equestria Girls adventure is just a they&#39;re-people-in-a-people-world version of My Little Pony, so there&#39;s not really much new in terms of writing, music, jokes, or animation style. What I did appreciate about this adventure was the idea that we can&#39;t always control someone else&#39;s concept of who we are and that ignoring someone can be just as upsetting as antagonizing them.<br/><br/>Pros: Trixie gets some development as a character, which is a relief after her being something of a background joke most of the time. She delivers the opening quote (the central theme) while declaring herself The Wise and Moralizing Trixie. Wallflower Blush&#39;s disarmingly relatable song &quot;Invisible&quot; is one of the better songs to come out of the franchise.<br/><br/>Cons: Not enough time to really make the mystery plot mysterious. Sunset Shimmer is the focal character at the expense of the other characters. Sunset Shimmer returning to Equestria to face Princess Celestia could have been its own movie, but here it&#39;s glossed over in service to the main plot.<br/><br/>Overall: surprisingly good for a 45-minute Equestria Girls adventure and worth a watch with the kids.

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