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Reviewed by mmyy 9

This is a clever and funny little Indie movie. The script is really good. Ok. It's crude like a lot of comedies are these days BUT it's also written with intelligence, a rare commodity in movie making at any time. The acting is good, the script is good. It's made in Canada. Canadians always like you to know that. And all the actors are Canadian. Canadians also like you to know that. You might think they're Americans. They look like Americans. Talk like Americans but they're Canadian. Sorry to get off on this little North American tangent but really if you like a good, funny rom-com that has some actual originality to it, this is a good bet.

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Reviewed by tabithanavratil 8

When Mary's boyfriend Ted invites her out to a fancy restaurant, she's convinced he's going to pop the question. But instead of getting hitched, Mary gets dumped. To cheer her up, Mary's friends take her to see a psychic who casts a spell to reconnect Mary with her ex-boyfriend. The only problem is... Mary didn't say which one. She bumps into her college boyfriend Patrick, and despite feeling he's completely wrong for her, she slowly falls for him again. Ted soon realizes his mistake and wants Mary back. Mary is torn between her two exes: Mr. Right on paper, and Mr. Right for her. I really really enjoyed this film! I think Andre was amazing and I laughed throughout! I am going to watch it in theatres a second time and taking a bunch of friends as well. I know they are going to enjoy it. Sometimes you just need to be able to relate and to laugh and I think a lot of people are going to be able to feel that way with this film. Everyone has had a time when they were faced with a tough decision and its nice to be able to relate to that in a really funny way. I enjoyed Patrick's character quite a bit. I thought the whole experience was amazing. Cant wait to watch it again!

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Reviewed by kaeley_eve12 1

I initially watched this movie because I LOVE Katherine Barell. I love her in Wynonna Earp, and I love the person she is. She's kind, and a strong independent feminist and woman. I was actually shocked after I watched this movie, that she would take a role where women are degraded the ENTIRE movie. I mean you can tell this movie must have been written by a man. The way the male characters talked about the women in this movie, treated them, and their misogynistic humor was a turn off from this movie for sure. I know it's just a role, but come on! The male characters in this movie, the way they talked, joked, and treated women was repulsive.

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