My Blue Heaven


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Reviewed by bkoganbing 6

My Blue Heaven which starred Dan Dailey and Betty Grable are a happy show business couple who started in vaudeville and now are going into that happy new medium television. This was one of the first films that dealt with the phenomenon of television. As Dailey says during the course of the film, right now only Milton Berle and Howdy Doody are in it, the field is wide open.<br/><br/>Dailey and Grable are a happy couple, but they&#39;d even be happier with a child, in fact Betty loses a baby almost at the beginning of the film. Friends and sponsors, David Wayne and Jane Wyatt suggest adopting because three of their six are adopted. The rest of the film is a lighter treatment of the themes from A Penny Serenade. Things go a lot happier for Dailey and Grable than they did for Cary Grant and Irene Dunne.<br/><br/>Because they are a musical performing couple Grable and Dailey get a whole lot of numbers and there&#39;s even a few tossed in for Mitzi Gaynor who was doing her second film. What a pity she came along as late as she did, she would have been a Grade A star in the Thirties. Gaynor plays an eager young understudy who&#39;d just as soon Grable stay out on maternity leave.<br/><br/>Other than the title song, there&#39;s nothing terribly memorable in the score that Harold Arlen and Ralph Blane wrote for My Blue Heaven. Of course very few songs are as memorable. Until Bing Crosby introduced White Christmas in Holiday Inn, My Blue Heaven was the largest selling song in history with Gene Austin&#39;s version topping the charts.<br/><br/>My Blue Heaven is a pleasant enough diversion. Grable and Dailey work well as a team together, you&#39;ll enjoy them.

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Reviewed by edwagreen 9

Wonderful Bette Grable and Dan Dailey fanfare dealing with a musical couple&#39;s hard luck in having their own child. They are forced to resort to adoption when a traffic accident causes the loss of her unborn child. We then see unscrupulous adoption procedures and other mayhem preventing this couple from having a child of their own.<br/><br/>The couple do a routine on television and Dailey along with Grable show they could still sing and dance at their best. In a brief role, Mitzi Gaynor, who would play Daley&#39;s daughter 4 years later in &quot;There&#39;s No Business Like Showbusiness,&quot; turns up as a fellow dancer who is ready to flirt and take Daley away from Gable.<br/><br/>The wonderful is ending but we expected that. In such film predicaments, they usually do just that.

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Reviewed by duskynoir 10

The songs and dances are wonderful! Kitty and Jack are actors so when they sing/perform there are scenery and wardrobes that go along with the songs, making it less like an ordinary &quot;musical.&quot; The story itself is modern and realistic even for the time (like someone else mentioned some of the things they say may have been considered &quot;risque.&quot;) If you like old movies or musicals, I recommend you find a way to see this! You&#39;ll never get these songs out of your head, and you probably wont want to either. A classic! <br/><br/>I grew up watching this movie over and over again. I wish that I could find another copy but it seems impossible. :( If any decides to release it again, let me know!

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