Muffin Top: A Love Story


Comedy / Romance

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Reviewed by PollyPick 1

I felt an unbiased review was needed here, given most of the other reviewers appear to be somehow affiliated with the film (this is nowhere close to a 10/10). And this is most certainly NOT a &quot;great insight into what all women think&quot;. (Heaven forbid).<br/><br/>The premise behind Muffin Top was promising: a feminist take on a romantic comedy. Unfortunately the story was predictable, the characters hollow and the protagonist unsympathetic.<br/><br/>And let&#39;s not forget the same frothy pop song that played throughout virtually every scene in the movie. It&#39;s clear that once they had paid for that dreary ditty they were determined to wring every last cent&#39;s worth out of their questionable investment.<br/><br/>Unfortunately the protagonist, played by Cathryn Michon, wasn&#39;t particularly likable. She whines constantly, is overly dramatic about the injustice of how her ex, her dates and the world treats her, and is completely self-centred. I felt that Michon was cast well and could have been more relatable and interesting as a character if she had been given a more solid script with which to work. <br/><br/>And good grief, whose choice was it to cast David Arquette as an Englishman? That accent was atrocious.<br/><br/>Positive points? The weight loss coach played by Gary Anthony Williams was funny, the lighting looked professional, and if you need a movie playing in the background while you do something else more interesting, this does the trick.

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Reviewed by halejulie 10

This is actually a laugh out loud movie - the star, Cathryn Michon is so adorable, earnest and hapless in her search for balance and happiness in her life when it is turned upside down. The rest of the cast is super funny as well, and you can tell they had a great time improving while making this movie, they all played so well together. The movie has a great message, too, about accepting yourself just as you are - without being too preachy or cramming the message down your throat. It really did make me feel better about myself, and proud to be a strong female! I&#39;m so glad I bought it instead of renting it so I can watch it again. Loved it!

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Reviewed by missedcongeniality 10

This film uses the funny bone to pluck the heart-strings of insecurity, and in the process creates beautiful music! <br/><br/>A comical peek into the looking glass, with a message of empowerment and self love being reflected back. An entertaining examination of &quot;experts&quot;, anxiety, and acceptance. <br/><br/>The cast has great chemistry, and spot-on comedic timing. The hilarity of interaction is only secondary to the adept writing and delivery of the dialog. <br/><br/>Better than a chick-flick, more than a rom-com, Muffin Top is a living, loving, laughing good time!! See it, enjoy it, and love yourself now, not five pounds from now!

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