Mozart and the Whale


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Reviewed by ellyt 10

We waited in anticipation for the release of Mozart and the Whale for 2 years. We kept writing the company and asking when it would be released. We met Jerry Newport at ASA 2 years ago (my son, Josh, aged 11 has Asperger&#39;s Syndrome) and wanted so much to see the story of him and Mary. As an aside, I wish you could have heard the conversation between Jerry and Michael John Carley on the various Beethoven was the most amazing impromptu music theory talk I have ever heard.<br/><br/>At any rate, Mozart and the Whale was in limited release and so we waited for the DVD to be out. Finally it is!! And we watched it last night. We were not disappointed. It was wonderful. There was so much truth in it. We saw the range of autism in the group that Donald formed. Then there was the quirkiness of the various people. But it showed the love and caring that can form among any person, no matter what the diagnosis. We loved Izzy&#39;s laugh...that HA! We know kids with Asperger&#39;s who can&#39;t modulate their sounds and sound way loud in their approach to life.<br/><br/>I also loved the sequences about his living style. This is so much like my son....the stacks of stuff...the collections....the freaking out when his stuff is moved around....this is all real folks. And it is portrayed with a sensitivity and humor that can&#39;t help but to make you smile and/or laugh....not at Donald and Izzy, but with the cherishing of the moments that parents feel when they experience the familiarity of the moments.<br/><br/>But to me, the big question was what would Josh (my son) think of how Asperger&#39;s was depicted. Now, remember, he met Jerry and really thinks he is COOL. Josh said &quot;see mom, that means that I can meet someone and get married too, so don&#39;t worry anymore&quot;. This movie gives me hope that a life of independence and companionship is possible for Josh.<br/><br/>Yes, we adore Jerry Newport. He knows a lot...he shares some of it with us in this film. Do yourself a favor...get this DVD and let&#39;s hope that Sundance will show the world that Mozart and the Whale is a film that needs to be shown.

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Reviewed by wholphin48 7

My opinion is obviously prejudiced as I am &quot;the whale&quot; in the title of this movie. My wife is &quot;Mozart.&quot; I appreciate the time the cast and other principals spent with real aspergers and autism adults. It paid off. Both Josh Hartnett and Radha Mitchell did a terrific job of capturing the spirit of myself and my wife when we met.<br/><br/>Rahda looks much more like Mary did when we met. I was never as tall as Josh but was much slimmer at his age. There are all kinds of whales and while Josh is a nice, sleek Blue Whale by comparison, I have become an Orca in my middle age.<br/><br/>I have high hopes that an eventual theater release will enable this film to do a great service to my community and to anyone who feels different and wants a soulmate!<br/><br/>In order to not unduly influence the tally, I gave it a seven which is the current average rating although I think it merits a higher number.<br/><br/>&quot;The Whale&quot; fka Jerry Newport

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Reviewed by inge_mill 10

This movie is one of my favorite movies. Why? I simply love the theme of this story. I know what Asperger is like, and this story came so very close to the truth. The situations are very realistic. Also, the responds from the characters are also very realistic.<br/><br/>I&#39;m sure everyone recognizes a little of themselves in at least one of the characters. Even though these characteristics may not be as strong, they are still there. Everyone is a little autistic you know. Some just have it a little more than others.<br/><br/>The acting is very good, and even though I&#39;m not a really big fan of Josh Hartnett (blame Pearl Harbor), I found myself really liking him in this movie. Radha Mitchell is simply magnificent.<br/><br/>I recommend this movie to everyone!

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