Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?


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Reviewed by TinkaW 1

Where to begin. Tori is gloriously bad as cutey blonde girl whose boyfriend may be a **bit** weird. Of course her mother spots this and Weird Boyfriend turns into a drooling manic axe murderer. I howled with laughter as the plot (of which there is nothing much to say) turned from predictable over awful to really bad. The highlight is Tori escaping from the Drooling Manic Axe murderer Boyfriend in a canoe -- and it is obvious that she has no clue as how to paddle. Poor girl doesn't get anywhere -- but Mommy saves the day. Grab some popcorn and sit down to watch a movie so dreadful that it ought to be shown as a cult movie.

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Reviewed by MarieGabrielle 4

and go from there. Is this a comedy?. Apparently.<br/><br/>If you had a really bad day at work, you may want to watch this as it is so unrealistic it will have you laughing. Of course, Tori Spelling and Ivan Sergei (recently in &quot;The Break Up&quot;) have laughed all the way to the bank, why shouldn&#39;t we?.<br/><br/>Ivan Sergei is a young obsessive man who resents college students, and cannot handle being dumped, so he retaliates and murders the first girlfriend who dumps him. He assumes a young med students identity and meets Laurel (Tori Spelling) who is, (according to this film ) every man&#39;s dream. Perfect, athletic intelligent and industrious too. (I told you you would be laughing!).<br/><br/>Also, Lisa Banes (the embarrassingly older woman from &quot;Cocktail&quot; who was dumped by a young Tom Cruise) portrays Laurel&#39;s mother, who has no money but drives a Jaguar, and buys take-out catered food so she can meet Laurels&#39; boyfriends. Ah, only in Hollywood. She suspects something is wrong with Sergei, but can&#39;t pinpoint the problem.<br/><br/>Eventually she suspects something is amiss with the Sergei character, so she visits the Denver police, who disclose any and all pertinent information (Yeah, okay....). Meanwhile, back on campus, Laurel is abducted by Sergei, who cannot bear to be apart from her for one minute. He brings her to an isolated cabin where much wine is consumed.<br/><br/>Next pivotal plot line:... Voila....somehow through the use of a Triple A membership, Laurel&#39;s mother finds her, as she was abducted by the obsessive and psychotic boyfriend (Sergei), and the mother was right all along.<br/><br/>Sorry to be facetious, but I will have to look up the screenplay for this, I think whoever wrote this was having a nice joke on us all. Seriously, if you are at home alone with the flu, this movie will give you a laugh, so it may be something you can tolerate for an hour or so.

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Reviewed by jotix100 7

Thank goodness for a father with lots of money who happens to be an influential producer in the make believe world of entertainment. It works well if one happens to be Tori Spelling, an ambitious young woman, who could be better off spending her idle hours around Rodeo Drive shopping and doing lunch with the rich and famous in all those ritzy places nearby.<br/><br/>With this new appearance Ms. Spelling assures herself a niche in the stratosphere of camp. One has to give it to the girl, she gets to wear all those cute outfits while in the throes of love and betrayal. &quot;Mother, May I Sleep in Danger&quot; could be subtitled as &quot;The Tori Show&quot;. Let&#39;s hope we are spared of another masterpiece starring Ms. Spelling in the near future, but alas, that&#39;s probably impossible, because in her ambition for bigger and better things, she probably will keep turning up in vehicles such as this one forever.

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