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Reviewed by ma-cortes 7

This is remake from classic Western Monte Walsh (1970) by William A. Fraker based on Jack Schaefer&#39;s novel , author of Shane . Emotive and evocative film , including gorgeous landscapes , reflecting wonderfully the wide open spaces , they are splendidly photographed . The film starts at the ending XIX century when appears railway , big companies buy ranches and new technologies put difficult things for traditional cowboys who lost their jobs . It deals about a veteran cowboy (Tom Selleck in Lee Marvin&#39;s previous role) and his colleague (Keith Carradine) , they see declining the ending days of Wild West era and the transition to a new century where horses are left . As railway and barbed wire hardly eliminate the need for the cowboys who are yearning the freedom of the open prairie . Their lives are divided between months on the range and the occasional trip into town . They find themselves like dinosaurs in an old West that&#39;s dying out . Monte only lives his work and is enamored for a prostitute named Countess Martine Bernard (Isabella Rossellini , in Jeanne Moreau&#39;s former role). Monte Walsh and his partners are left with few options for survive, though new jobs opportunities are available . Monty has a long-term relationship with the French whore , while Chet has fallen under the spell of the widow who owns the hardware store . The cowboys (George Eads, William Sanderson , Rex Linn, among them) are commanded by a foreman named Brennan (William Devane, role of Jim Davis). Then , Monte embarks on mission to revenge best pal&#39;s death (Keith Carradine in Jack Palance role).<br/><br/>This melancholic picture results to be a magnificent TV western with action , a deep love story , shootouts , and spectacular scenarios . Sad , melancholic and dusty-looking Western with phenomenal protagonist duo , though the pace is too slow . Moving and sensitive Western where the cowboys must say goodbye to the lives they know and some of them attempt to make a new upright start and others way to crime . Great performances for all the main and support casting with excellent first roles from Selleck and Carradine . Special mention for Isabella Rossellini as an aging whore and James Gammon as a veteran cowboy with sad ending . However, the narration is too slow-moving to keep a fine grip on the interest . Breathtaking outdoors are well photographed by cameraman David Eggby , the movie was shot on location , including marvelous landscapes . Sensational directorial by noted filmmaker Simon Wincer , a Western expert , as he previously directed to Tom Selleck in ¨Crossfire trail¨ and ¨Quigley Down Under¨ and usually directs episodes for TV mini-series, such as : ¨Into the West¨, ¨The Ponderosa¨ and ¨Lonesome Dove¨, among others. Rating : Very good for the adequate direction and proficient film-making.

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Reviewed by JimB-4 9

Best known for the novel &quot;Shane,&quot; Jack Schaefer also wrote the novel &quot;Monte Walsh,&quot; a depiction of the life of the itinerant cowhand. There&#39;s not a lot of plot, but a hugely detailed and wonderfully described slice of life, tough, tender, and comedic. The first film of &quot;Monte Walsh&quot; was a great little picture, with a nice uncharacteristic role for Jack Palance as Monte&#39;s pal Chet. But this TV remake may in fact be a better film. Tom Selleck is just grand as Monte--getting a bit old for bronco-busting, but still full of piss-and-vinegar. And Keith Carradine is swell as Chet, the cowboy who gives it all up to marry the hardware widow. Everything about this film is done extremely well. The costumes are superb--colorful and mythic while at the same time obviously useful and well-used work clothes. This is not a clean-hat Western, one of my pet peeves. The music is really touching and classic and romantic, and the cinematography is, to coin a cliche&#39;, stunning. All the performances are really quite good, and the movie left me with the feeling that I&#39;d really spent a few months with a bunch of cowhands. What plot there is is realistic and uncontrived, and is ultimately moving. But &quot;Monte Walsh&quot; really earns its spurs by showing a 21st century audience how wonderful and horrible life on the 19th century range could be.

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Reviewed by Jakeroo 9

It&#39;s unlikely anyone will ever make another western as good as Wincer&#39;s LONESOME DOVE but MONTE WALSH is a good effort. I rated it a 9. This story of an aging cowboy&#39;s efforts to cope with a changing world in the late 1800s has a smoothness that seems natural. Tom Selleck is perfect and the supporting cast is equally superb. The spectacular Canadian scenery adds to the enjoyment. It&#39;s a well done western that&#39;s not just another &quot;shoot&#39;em-up&quot;.

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