Monster Force Zero


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Reviewed by popsalicious 1

Why do they make this nonsense? How does this nonsense seem to make it to production? Who pays for this nonsense? Please stop!

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Reviewed by luke-946-133228 7

I almost bailed in the first 20 minutes but something about it made me stick it out, by 30 minutes i was addicted.Through creative use of lighting, minimal special effects and some dedicated cosplayers they have made a really fun to watch B-movie.<br/><br/>Hey lizard, this b*tch wants pancakes!!

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Reviewed by emilympark 7

As an indie, Monster Force Zero provides great use of terrors, aspirations and (non pandemic) issues of the times. Thru a sci fi thriller genre lense, Monster Force Zero metaphorically speaks to technology, our identities as well as the human condition.<br/><br/>For an indie it&#39;s a must see from the viewpoint of a critical eye seeking light entertainment.

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