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Reviewed by Pedro-37 7

Lo Mar&#39;s &quot;Monkey Kung Fu&quot; does not have much of a story but the action and performance by martial arts choreographer Tony Ching Siu-Tung (&quot;House of Flying Daggers&quot;, &quot;Chinese Ghost Story&quot;) is absolutely amazing. His athletic stunts, wireless jumps and kicks are a joy to behold. The new Shaw Brothers DVD is the best deal to watch this incredible action.<br/><br/>However, it seems there is a little mix-up in the names and the user comments of the film. The time I&#39;m writing this, the IMDb picture shows &quot;Monkey Kung Fu&quot; aka. &quot;Monkey Fist, Floating Snake&quot;, a vastly inferior movie. But the cast refers to the Shaw film, which is also listed as &quot;Stroke of Death&quot; (1980) - its alternative title.<br/><br/>&quot;Monkey Kung Fu&quot; by Lo Mars starring Ching Siu-Tung tells of a small time crook who gets sentenced to prison. He meets a one-eyed master in the cell who gives him a mysterious object. Ching breaks out of prison with another guy and searches for the answer to the riddle which will lead him to &quot;Gibbon Fist Clan&quot;&#39;s kung-fu technique.

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Reviewed by Falconeer 7

Hearing that &quot;Monkey Kung fu&quot; had almost non-existent plot, I did not expect to like this one, but the fact is, this is a highly enjoyable film, thanks mainly to the leads, Ching Siu-tung &amp; Hou Chao-sheng, who together, bring an incredible energy to the screen. Not so much a comedy, but the sheer insanity of the kung fu action is enough to make any viewer laugh and shake their head in amazement. The story is simple; a pair of convicts escape from prison, to discover the mystery of &quot;Gibbon fist,&quot; a kung fu technique thought to be lost. They each hold one half of a wooden amulet, and when it it is pieced together, it will lead the pair to a mountain top, where an ancient scroll is hidden. Of course there is a rival clan bent on destroying them and claiming the scroll for themselves. Along the way we join this crazy pair for some off the wall situations; like when Wei Chun (Ching) must battle his way out of a whorehouse after short changing the prostitute, (who kicks his ass with some truly eye-popping kung fu of her own.) In fact, you will see some of the absolute finest kung fu ever captured on film. Also known as &quot;Stroke of Death,&quot; this one is a bit reminiscent of &quot;Hellz Windstaff&quot; in how the two friends seem to become one when fighting, working off each other to bring down their opponent. The more involved story and character development of Windstaff makes that one superior, but &quot;Monkey Kung Fu&quot; is a very worthy entry in the history of 1970&#39;s kung fu classics; Recommended.

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Reviewed by daniel_westerberg_1979 5

The story is as always not important in these old kungfu movies, but it&#39;s about a young boy that&#39;s being bullied and eventually learns the secret of monkey style kungfu so he can face the bad guy of the movie.<br/><br/>It has some fun spots, and overall it&#39;s a good movie if you like the old kungfu stuff :)<br/><br/>My version of the movie was dubbed to English, but the dub was alright. Actually some of these movies are better when they are dubbed, comments like &quot;My Tiger will eat your snake&quot; before they start to fight can make me laugh so my stomach hurts.<br/><br/>The opening credits had one of the funniest music tunes i&#39;ve heard, combine this with two men playing monkeys and you have a great opening of a funny movie about monkey kungfu :)

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