Money from Home


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Reviewed by cynthiagarrett8 10

I am a huge fan of Martin and Lewis and this is one of their best movies ever. The chemistry between them was phenomenal, and will always be remembered with nothing but the greatest respect from me. The other reason I liked it was the music in it, Dean had such a sexy voice and Jerry provided the comedy behind it. The color detail was superb, and the entire ensemble cast was really good. The horse in the movie did a really good job too, it amazes me the way they can train animals to do the things they do. I enjoyed the scenes Jerry had with all the animals he took care of, it was just fun. All in all, I recommend this movie to anyone who likes Martin and Lewis, it's a must see.

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Reviewed by Gregor Hauser (gregorhauser) 7

This one is a typical Martin/Lewis vehicle. They are cousins who have to manage a lot of troubles. Jerry gets his satirical performances, Dino gets his songs - they would manage their roles asleep and have a lot of self-ironic.<br/><br/> But there are still more positive aspects: It is the team′s first picture in color; George Marshall directs with sure hand and the supporting cast is very good although there are no big names in it; The first sequence in the movie where Dean is threaten by &quot;Chambo Schneider&quot; is a first class parody on gangster movie cliches of the Thirties;<br/><br/> To sum it up it is a pleasure for fans like me. 7/10.

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Reviewed by tvman-3 8

One of my two favorite Martin &amp; Lewis films (the other being Artists and Models), this one was originally released in 3-D. I had the pleasure of seeing it that way a few years ago at the first 3-D fest held at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, but the added depth really didn&#39;t make that much difference in being able to enjoy it.<br/><br/>Based on material by Damon Runyon (Guys &amp; Dolls), much of it is typical Martin &amp; Lewis fare, re-teaming them with heavy Robert Strauss and with Sheldon Leonard thrown into the mix for good measure. This may not be their absolute best, but it would be worth seeing if only for the scene that spoofs Cyrano de Bergerac to hilarious effect as Dean croons &quot;I Only Have Eyes For You&quot; before things go off the rails for Jerry.

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