Mommy's Little Angel


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Reviewed by tomfsloan 5

It's fun to watch a movie with an evil child. Although I wish they gave more of a reason to why she had her psychotic tendencies. The scene with the dad in the bedroom was well done. It had a few other moments that were entertaining too. And what was the reason they had the husband in Estonia? Overall it's mildly fun to watch but don't expect perfection.

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Reviewed by JakeBrinkman 3

Most Lifetime movies have terrible acting, writing, and directing. This one has decent acting and directing. Still nothing amazing, but the main 2 actors are occasionally convincing, and the cinematography isn't the cookie cutter shots and lighting that bad TV usually has. Some parts of the script are good (a Lifetime movie where the therapist gives an accurate diagnosis is certainly rare) but other aspects are poor, like a short fall hurting someone way more than it should have.

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Reviewed by legra66 1

Found it hard to believe that a child can do all these whilst grown folks take it. Yeah, right!!

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