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Reviewed by David-240 9

&quot;Mogambo&quot; is a remake of &quot;Red Dust&quot; (1932) and is not as good, nor as funny, but it&#39;s still not bad at all. Poor Clark Gable must choose between Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly. With both actresses at the height of their beauty this is a tough call - but I would have taken Ava any day. She is stunning in this film - sultry, sexy and warm - very different to the flighty sex kitten that Jean Harlow played so brilliantly in &quot;Red Dust&quot;. And Ava is photographed lovingly, in gorgeous colour, by Robert Surtees and Freddie Young. She deserved her Oscar nomination.<br/><br/>Kelly is good too as the rather prissy wife of a very English scientist. But she&#39;s too nice - Ava is much more real. Gable was a bit old for the role here - after all it was 21 years after he first played it in &quot;Red Dust&quot; - but his performance is strong.<br/><br/>Great African scenery and animals too - &quot;Mogambo&quot; got out of the studio that confined &quot;Red Dust&quot;. Who could forget Ava trying to feed a very hungry baby elephant and a baby rhino at the same time? The gorilla sequence was a little weak - in that the film stock used to film the gorillas was completely different to that used to film the actors - and the actors were obviously in a studio. But most of the work is on location and stunningly shot.<br/><br/>You&#39;ll have fun with this one.<br/><br/>PS In the canoe scene are they really talking about female circumcision?

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Reviewed by Doylenf 6

Some stunning Technicolor photography of African footage and beautiful AVA GARDNER are the sole reasons for watching John Ford&#39;s MOGAMBO, a remake of &quot;Red Dust&quot; that starred Jean Harlow twenty years before this was made.<br/><br/>Harlow&#39;s co-star, CLARK GABLE, is back reprising his role as the great white hunter (what happened to STEWART GRANGER???), but Gable has mellowed quite a bit and looks a bit too tired to be the love interest of both AVA GARDNER and GRACE KELLY--which is what the plot really boils down to. However, he is more than able to tame both of them.<br/><br/>GRACE KELLY still has the affected way of reciting her lines in a prim and princess-like way and is the less interesting of the two females. AVA GARDNER, on the other hand, livens up the story with her sarcastic one-liners and her ability to size up any situation and call a spade a spade. She&#39;s honest, frank and completely charming in her own way and walks off with every scene she&#39;s in, fully deserving her sole Oscar nomination.<br/><br/>But if you&#39;re looking for a real good story, MOGAMBO is not it. It has all the realism of a picture postcard despite the fact that much of it was filmed in colorful Africa. But the use of stock footage is also apparent as are shots of Gable and others before a process screen.<br/><br/>Fans of the stars should enjoy this one, but be warned--it&#39;s not without some serious flaws, mostly due to a weak script.

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Reviewed by Tetsel 7

&#39;Mogambo&#39; is not one of the greatest of John Ford&#39;s films, but it is still a solid piece of work. Clark Gable is at his manliest, and Grace Kelly is cast perfectly (though her performance is not so perfect). However, Ava Gardner steals the show. Scenes without her seem dead. Scenes with her are charged with sexy movement and funny double-talk. Of course, Ford himself makes great use of the African landscape, applying his brilliant American West photography to the jungles and rivers of Africa. A good piece of entertainment and recommended for John Ford fans.

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