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Reviewed by davesykes 8

This is not your usual movie. First off there is no dialogue, only a Narator (who does a great job). This film is made as if a national geographic team had travel back 1000 000 years in time and made a documentary on the last ape-man, one of our many ancestors. I found it more then entertaining, you will actually learn somethings in this movie. The "Star" 's make-up is just awesome and unique as far as i can remember the few films that tackled the prehistoric genre. So If you like anthropology, or are just curious about Man's past and struggles you will love this one. It's scary/funny/tragic/sad... lifelike. and the "Bad Guy" in this movie is YOU and ME - Homo Sapiens. In the line of "Quest for Fire", but even more real.

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Reviewed by Movie Nuttball 7

The Missing link is very different film but an interesting and intelligent film. The scenery was fantastic! I thought the Man-Ape was cool and actually funny at times. the film has good music and a good narration by Michael Gambon. There are some real life killing in the wild like a lion going after a baby zebra and other animals and the part with the chameleon eating the insects was really cool & the scenes with the mating frogs or toads was unusual with the amphibians doing back flips like stunt men! This movie a like very different documentary! If you like a movie that focuses on one character and the animals around him check this movie out if you can because its is very hard to find! Recommended!

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Reviewed by Gunn 10

I've seen Missing Link over five times now and I'm still stunned that it didn't do better in theatres and on television. It is an awesome film; perfect for the entire family. I'm not sure if the term for Missing Link is pseudo-documentary or semi-documentary but it matters not. From the first frame to the last, one is engrossed by the story of the last survivor of the "Man-ape" species. The film is warm, funny and poignant it has superb cinematography, a spellbinding music score and everything else a film should have. From toddlers to seniors it will satisfy every viewer. I very highly recommend Missing Link (1988).

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