Miss Bala


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Reviewed by anuity 8

I feel like I have written this review a million times. I'm sick and tired of people giving movies a 1 or 2 because it had weaknesses, 'wasn't as good as the iriginal' or they just didn't care for it. Try to at least be somewhat objective. This movie was entertaining, suspenseful, tense at times and had you torn as to which way you wanted the movie to end. And as a bonus, little or no gratuitous sex, violence and language!!

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Reviewed by blanbrn 8

"Miss Bala" is one film that as you watch you will enjoy for it's drama and action as it's a spin on the dangerous world of life on the border as when crossed it's a dangerous world of cat and mouse that involves greed, money, drugs, sex, murder, and abuse. Gloria(the sexy and raw Gina Rodriguez who I loved in those sexy black bra scenes) is a California girl who upon visiting her best friend becomes involved in a drama and new sick world of smuggling and violence along the Mexican border. As it's clear no one is who they seem from drug cartel members to drug agents as Gloria is lost and has to fend for herself as the plot spins and thickens with different sets of bad guys. Still the drama and action is just fine for this film as the performance of Gina is nice eye candy treat it spices the picture up making it a knockout.

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Reviewed by muamba_eats_toast 3

The storyline jumps inexplicably throughout. There's plotholes left,right and centre. Some parts just make no sense. The whole thing is borderline ridiculous. Has the feeling of a tacky TV movie only tackier and written by an over hyper violent hungry 12 year old gamer. Ok to pass the time but overall complete tosh

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