Miracle Maker - A Christmas Tale


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Reviewed by mdehart-86266 10

Love the moral of the story! An act of kindness can go so far!

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Reviewed by bkoganbing 5

It all happens when there&#39;s advance word by letter and word of a lot of gossipymouths that a Miracle Maker is coming to some small gaslight era town in the19th century. Some miracles do happen when Jacob Stoenman comes to thisunnamed middle America town of the era. Even the town&#39;s Mr. Potter playedby Brian Krause gets a change of heart in the end.<br/><br/>Borrowing also a bit from Pollyanna, Miracle Maker is an interesting familyfilm that&#39;s light on the overt preaching. In the end some real miracle doestake place with those rocks which he uses for currency as he clears some worthless land he&#39;s settled on prove valuable. You have to watch the filmfor that one.<br/><br/>This is an easy to take holiday fantasy film.

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Reviewed by rnpalones 10

Found this on YouTube movies...if you like the era of &quot;Little House on the Prairie,&quot; you&#39;ll love this one!Good morals and love how the little boys actions brought change to their town!

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