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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quin1974 ([email protected]) 9/10

King Kong must be one of the greatest animals ever to grace to silverscreen, he sure is the biggest primate to do this. But there is a goodrunner up: Joe. Once before filmed in 1956 also as `Mighty Joe Young',thisstory of a gorilla with a defect in his genes which causes him to grow outof proportions into a 2000 lbs primate, is a great one.<br><br>The story begins with little Jill Young and her mother as they are in thejungle observing a group of gorilla's. Little Jill instantly bonds withLittle Joe, a baby gorilla. At night the group of gorilla's is attacked bypoachers and Jill and her mother go out there to the jungle to protectthem.To no avail, because in the end both Jill's and Joe's mother arekilled.Twelve years later Jill (Theron) is still with Joe and Joe has grown intothis enormous gorilla weighing over 2000 lbs. Paxton comes to the jungletoinvestigate a myth of a giant primate protecting the area of the mountainwhere Joe lives. Joe and Paxton meet, poachers come to hunt him down andPaxton and Jill decide to take Joe to a preserve in California so he canhave a more quiet life. But danger is not gone, even in California oldenemies come to hunt him down, and Joe ultimately has to undertake a verybrave action...<br><br>This is the outline of a very well crafted piece of cinema, familyentertainment at its best. The script is very well written, the charactersare likable and convincing. You have the hero and the heroine, the villainand luckily the moronic sidekicks have been left at home this time. Joe isalovely character, although a lot of him has been done with CGI, he isstillvery convincing. A lot of work has gone into creating the right facialexpressions to give him a human touch.The story unfolds at rollercoaster speed, never lets off steam andconstantly plunges the audiences into new surprises and endearingsituations.<br><br>Ron Underwood did a great job at recreating this story on screen. Theperformances are way above average, even Theron is good for once. Paxtonishis Paxton self. The art direction is fine as well. The sets are welldesigned, if somewhat &quot;Disney&quot; at times. The special effects were awesomeand state-of-the-art. Although some of the scenes could be recognized asbeing CGI, this was not very bothersome, there have been worse attempts atthis genre.<br><br>A lovely picture for the family, if maybe not for the smallest of thefamily, some of the scenes can be quite frightening for some. One must beavery big cynical grown-up not be moved by the final scenes at thefairground.<br><br>9/10

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Reviewed by rchrdshelt ([email protected]) 10/10

I&#39;ve seen this film several times and have to say I thoroughly enjoyedit each time. The performances from from Charlize Theron and BillPaxton are excellent and the Special Effects are tremendous. The filmhas a relatively straightforward plot, but also has some powerfulemotional scenes as well. The film is well written and directed with itensuring it appeals to children who will not be frightened by Joe.Moreover, this is not a horror film but rather a story of amisunderstood creature that wants to be at peace. Mighty Joe You is oneof the better films out there suitable for both children and adults toenjoy and I highly recommended it.<br><br>10/10

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Reviewed by bob the moo

A group of poachers kill a large gorilla and a female zoologist. Thegorilla's baby escapes with the woman's orphaned baby and the two grow uptogether. Tears later the gorilla (Joe) and the girl (Jill) have grown up &#150;Joe himself is abnormally large but is the target of poachers. ZoologistGregg O'Hara stumbles upon the two on a wildlife visit to the jungle andconvinces Jill to bring Joe to a sanctuary in California. However, despitethe safety, the threat to Joe has not vanished.<br><br>I ignored this on video and at the cinema but on TV I gave it a go for thesame of the kids. The first thing that strikes you is how much of a rip-offof every monster movie you've ever seen &#150; from King Kong onwards. All theclich&eacute;s are there and the characters are little more than cardboard cut outsat times. However it is still good fun and all delivered with energy thatwill keep the kids happy. The film may not go anywhere that you don'texpect but it has funny moments and also moments that are quite tense andexciting.<br><br>Of the cast Joe stands out. His facial expression, depth of understandingand emotional range may be a little unlikely but he looks good. The effectsmay occasionally show the joins where Joe interacts with physical objectsbut for the vast majority he is impressive &#150; for the most part I forgot itwas effects and totally bought into him being real, that's a sign of goodeffects. Paxton maybe takes it all a bit seriously but does well, Theron isa bit too street smart for a girl who grew up with a gorilla but she passes. Support like King and Paymer are underused and simply become more examplesof `good Americans'. If you're being cynical you could say that the twoleads are WASP heroes and that King (black) and Paymer (Jewish) were thereto cover bases! This view is a little supported however by the hackneyedcasting of white South African and Eastern European types as the bad guys &#150;their roles are caricatures at best and the actors look embarrassed attimes.<br><br>Overall it's enjoyable. It's not great &#150; the plot is flawed, the acting isso-so, it borrows from every big ape movie that has gone before and it'llnever be remembered years from now as a great film. But it's good for kidswithout boring adults. The effects are good and, though you'll forget itquickly, it's fun while it's on.

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