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Reviewed by Icecreambenjaminelliott 10

I&#39;ll start this off with a warning. If you&#39;re a mainstream horror fan, you will not like this. It is not The Conjuring, it does not have jump scares, it is a slow movie. It&#39;s not scary in the way that most horror films are scary. It doesn&#39;t frighten you. It felt traumatic. This is an artsy movie for sure. If you don&#39;t like that, don&#39;t see it.<br/><br/>Florence Pugh is absolutely phenomenal. She provides the heart for the film and is what keeps the audience emotionally invensted in such a disturbing film. It&#39;s one of the greatest horror performances that I have ever seen.<br/><br/>The cinematography is stunningly gorgeous. I&#39;ve never seen a film look so gory and grotesque and yet absolutely beatiful at the same time. It&#39;s some of the best cinematography that I&#39;ve seen in years. The art direction is also phenomenal in providing us with a floral, candy colored, nightmare world.<br/><br/>And Ari Aster&#39;s screenplay and direction is what makes this so special and separates it from other horror pieces. It&#39;s slow, methodical, eerie. But the characters are psychological and deep. The dialogue is real and colorful. The plot is surreal and disturbing. He let&#39;s the scares crawl at you as opposed to jump at you. He allows you to see what will happen, process it, feel the shock of what&#39;s about to happen, and then still shock you even more when it happens.<br/><br/>This film will be divisive. I have no doubt that many people here will hate this. However, while this is a challenging film, it&#39;s also a great film. Halfway through a character says something along the lines of &quot;That was so messed up, but I&#39;m trying to keep an open mind.&quot; I suggest that audiences take this advice.<br/><br/>PSA, this movie is extremely violent, bloody, and gory. It&#39;s pretty horrifying and it could have stuff that is triggering.

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Reviewed by palistineroyal 7

I&#39;m not sure how but the movie had me on edge the entire time. You have to enjoy cinematography to really enjoy this. I left the movie like I just came down from a high. The whole thing felt like a bad trip afterwards, I was pleased and not at the same time but I think that&#39;s how we&#39;re meant to feel. It&#39;s a good change from super hero movies and terribly made horror movies.

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Reviewed by mattdemarre-00182 9

Just watch the movie, don&#39;t read or watch anything about it before hand.

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