Mickey, Donald, Goofy The Three Musketeers


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Reviewed by Damien-43 10

Excellent animation, great and funny songs and a witty script make this straight-to-video release a real winder for the kiddies. Pete and Clarabelle steal the show as the villains of this first feature-length Mickey, Donald & Goofy film in history! The backgrounds are particularly bright and colorful and the animation is of a much higher level than usual for video productions. The only negative for me was the opening sequence with a kind of annoying turtle -- but he's only in it for a few seconds so it doesn't matter. The leads were great, especially Donald. Hopefully they'll be making more movies with the classic characters in the future.

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Reviewed by Tex Nickle 9

I was visiting my grandkids last week and after a long day of activities, and a family supper, my daughter asked me if I wanted to go down to the T.V. room and watch a movie with the kids. At that moment it sounded like the worst idea I had heard in a long time. I had visions of watching some 3D flying robots or some brightly colored animated ponies. So, imagine my surprise when they said they wanted to watch their Mickey Mouse movie. I've been around a long time and I can remember seeing Mickey shorts at the theater when I was a boy, and I had no idea that the kids today even knew who the little mouse was. In addition, I hadn't heard about any Mickey Mouse movies in a very long time, so I was intrigued to see what this movie that the kids all wanted to see was all about. And let me tell you I sat down on the couch with my grandkids all around me and we all laughed at Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, as they barreled through their own wacky version of the Three Musketeers tale. The girls loved the Princess Minnie most, while the boys like the swash-buckling swordplay. We all like the fun music, with the very funny words. I wondered if this had been some old movie that got lost in the Disney vaults, it was that good, and had such a timeless feel. If you want to see a nice little family film that everyone in the house can have some fun with, I recommend this new Mickey Mouse movie to you and yours with full enthusiasm. I'm Tex Nickle and I'm telling you that "Mickey is still Kickin'"

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Reviewed by Mightyzebra 7

Good things about this film: Very good humour, at least one laugh every few minutes, good use of classical music for songs, good animation, sweet simple images of Versailles, good talent and a good job of Mickey and his friends! :-) A tortoise in the studio is very excited about his comic about the three musketeers and cannot help "singing along". When the narrator of a TV programme falls down a hole in the floor, the poor tortoise ends up taking the narrator's place and reads out his comic. He begins with Mickey Donald and Goofy struggling to survive in the gutter. Then they meet the royal musketeers... Good for any Mickey Mouse fan and any lover of classical music used by Disney, people who like good quality humour (both slightly slapstick and humour) and cartoon things which are CGI free! Enjoy "Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers! :-) 7 and a half out of ten.

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