Mickey and the Bear


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Reviewed by info-6196 7

One of the most accomplished first films I've ever seen. Ms Attanasio- clearly at the beginning of a beautiful career - writes and directs with the Confidence of someone twice her years. For Ms Merrone, filmgoers will remember this performance in years to come on par with Jennifer Lawrence and Winters Bone. James Badge is heartbreaking and terrifying as the dad that can't let her go. And the town of Anaconda is made a character in itself. All of it wrapped up in a beautiful story of a young woman in a terrible double bind between her father's needs and her own, and the decision she's forced into that seems to have no good solution.

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Reviewed by DeenieCourtney20 10

A stunning feature debut for writer director Annabelle Attanasio. Morrone holds her own and Badge Dale shines even more than usual.

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Reviewed by mabela-75440 10

Attanasio's Mickey and the Bear manages to hit at so many heartstrings without appearing sappy or overdone. Morrone exquisitely portrays a conflicted and still relatable teenager on the cusp of a major life decision. You find yourself breathlessly taking in each individual, nuanced moment as it is apparent that every moment and interaction is informative and essential to understanding Mickey's ultimate choice. An absolutely stunning film.

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