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Reviewed by yarnchief 7

Secret at Arrow Lake is a pretty nice B-grade flick with a surprising ending with a well-presented mystery. The acting isn&#39;t the best in the world, but it&#39;s not horrible. Ali Faulkner (Mia) is a nice relief for the eyes, and C. Thomas Howell&#39;s acting skill carries the others in most scenes.<br/><br/>The subtitles are awful, so much so that one memory-sequence mistakes confused the actual rhythm of the mystery, and I didn&#39;t put it together until I watched it again. The mysterious sub-plots are nicely woven together, and the &quot;moment of truth&quot; had me smiling through the rest of the film.<br/><br/>All in all I enjoyed this feature; it&#39;s a nice, clean family-acceptable story that doesn&#39;t have any foul language or suggestive scenes, but children probably wouldn&#39;t sit still for the slow pace and lack of action.<br/><br/>Best of all, justice prevails!

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Reviewed by buoysniper 7

I started out not liking how the events in the movie were playing out. I stuck through it and actually liked how it ended. There are a lot of things that try to distract you as you watch. This allows for a well weaved story to emerge. <br/><br/>I am giving it a 7 just because it was difficult to watch, because there were some slow-paced portions of the plot. <br/><br/>Very clean movie and family friendly. This is a movie you don&#39;t have to pay too close attention to, so if you are a multi-tasker this is your movie.<br/><br/>Happy viewing!

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