Merlin: The Return


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Reviewed by GRECOFILM 7

If, when in the cinema, children are spinning round to stare at you, it means either that the film itself is terminally terrible or you&#39;ve sprouted a massive boil on your forehead that you hadn&#39;t quite noticed. The first answer is, of course, the right one. And as for &quot;Merlin The Return&quot;, it&#39;s a stinker in a division all of its own. It&#39;s almost as if director Paul Matthews had accepted a bet to make the worst possible film. Well, he&#39;s succeeded, and his winnings are bound to be more than Merlin will ever make.<br/><br/>Matthews&#39; lumbering style sees the picture heave from one gormless scene to the next, helped on its way by the most awful acting. Rik Mayall (Merlin) trots out his usual sweaty desperation and manic panic, Patrick Bergin (King Arthur) looks like an embarrassing dad (complete with silly wig and glitzy, disco-friendly pullover), while the token American (no doubt included to secure international release - some hope) is a kid who seems to be reading his lines off Merlin&#39;s forehead.

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Reviewed by paul.corrie 2

Nearly a laugh a minute, and some were probably intentional. The performance of Adrian Paul as Lancelot caused giggles every time he spoke, and a less regal Arthur I cannot imagine. If you give this film any thought it fell apart even more thoroughly than on a total suspension of disbelief. Only Rik Mayall seemed to have got the joke. My 9 year old boy loved it but even he thought that it was totally unbelievable!

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Reviewed by medrjel 7

Wow. I don&#39;t think I have ever been so torn as I have been watching &quot;Merlin The Return&quot;. Rik Mayall, Adrian Paul, and so many others put in absolutely wonderful performances.<br/><br/>However, there were 2 MAJOR points that made this utterly disasterous.<br/><br/>1) The American Kid. There are some scenes that&#39;s he&#39;s good in. Most, he is just... BAD to be kind.<br/><br/>2) The &quot;Modern Day&quot; characters about town. The main ones they focused on (including the kids) seemed too accepting of Merlin and his appearing. Someone could of said &quot;he appeared out of nowhere&quot;, and someone else laugh it off. If perhaps it was established better that Merlin was known as &quot;the town nutter&quot; (a little extra dialog could of killed that one) and only one person believed he was really Merlin (say the girl or her mother), then there could be a better believability. Also, everyone seemed to be a bit nonchalant when Merlin uses his magic and then Mordred comes through the gateway the first time.<br/><br/>Yet through the holes, lies a pretty darn good story for the most part, and some solid acting and swordplay. Really a fun movie.<br/><br/>I gave it 5 out of 10, because of the distractions, but it&#39;s still a very fun movie, though better for kids than adults (and that could of easily been fixed).

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