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Reviewed by biznest 7

I am a longtime fan of Jessica Lange&#39;s, and a newfound fan of Arliss Howard&#39;s after viewing Men Don&#39;t Leave. A really good performance also by Chris O&#39;Donnell and Joan Cusak. This is a true-to-life type of movie. It&#39;s Wow Factor isn&#39;t measured by action shots or stunts or explosions, but rather by the satisfaction and peace each character reaches by story&#39;s end.<br/><br/>It&#39;s your favorite shirt: not flashy, but comfortable and proven to make you feel good. Watch Men Don&#39;t Leave - it&#39;s a good little movie.

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Reviewed by jscanlon 9

It usually takes me two viewings of a film to decide whether I think it is a great film. The second that &quot;Men Don&#39;t Leave&quot; ended I knew it was a great film. It tells the story of a middle aged woman (Jessica Lange) who moves her two sons to Baltimore following the death of her husband. There she meets a quirky musician (Arliss Howard) and her older son starts dating an equally quirky x-ray technician (Joan Cusack). This film is by turns joyful and heartbreakingly sad and features sure-handed direction by Paul Brickman and a beautiful score by Thomas Newman who also scored &quot;American Beauty&quot;. The performances are wonderful, most notably Jessica Lange&#39;s and Joan Cusack&#39;s. If you&#39;re looking for a wonderful family drama with comedic moments then &quot;Men Don&#39;t Leave&quot; is for you. One of the best films of the 1990&#39;s.

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Reviewed by jckruize 9

A true sleeper; a heartfelt drama with an odd title that isn&#39;t really &#39;about&#39; any one thing, but ends up more truthful about life than most higher-profile Hollywood product.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a movie that&#39;s rather slow and low-key, but stick with it. There are many wonderful moments along the way, both funny and poignant, conveyed with remarkable verisimilitude by a skilled cast. We&#39;ve grown accustomed to the excellence of Jessica Lange, convincing here as a recent widow trying to make a new life for herself and her boys, but she&#39;s ably supported by Arliss Howard, Joan Cusack, and especially Chris O&#39;Donnell and Charlie Korsmo, who play her sons.<br/><br/>Director Paul Brickman hasn&#39;t made many films but this is surely his best; he also collaborated on its quietly-observed, slice-of life script with Barbara Benedek (THE BIG CHILL). Thomas Newman&#39;s spare, haunting score reveals why he&#39;s one of the finest film composers working today.<br/><br/>Also, despite other user comments, this is not a &#39;tearjerker.&#39; MEN DON&#39;T LEAVE comes by its emotional impact honestly, with restraint and subtlety. Other filmmakers could learn a thing or two from Lange, Brickman et al. Highly recommended.

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