Meet Me in Montenegro


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by alexburrell 7

Great cinematography, wonderful setting. A very well written love story. I do believe that it has been underrated in its reviews. Grab a glass of wine, a snack and spend an evening watching it. You won't be disappointed. The plot is well developed and the story itself well arched. I found the female lead to be convincing without over doing the drama. The musical score could have been better but the story alone makes up for the superficial aspects. This movie was a labor of love unlike some of the large commercial productions. It's a rare treat when a work like this makes it to the big screen. It's a movie with its own bragging is a wonderful date movie. A unique piece of cinema. I found it intriguing enough to watch twice. Humble and lovely.

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Reviewed by camilevin 10

I was so pleasantly surprised and happy to find this gem of a movie! I saw it recommended on Facebook and it seemed interesting and I'm so glad I gave it a watch! It is such a beautiful love story that pulls you in and makes you laugh and cry at the same time! I loved finding out later that it was based on the real life love story of the actual actors in the film! If you want to see a refreshingly well done love story, this movie is for you too. The scenery alone is amazing! I highly recommend this film! I watched it with my parents and they loved it too! I am looking forward to seeing future films from these writers. I was so inspired by this artfully done movie that I got out my old sketchbook and started drawing after the movie was over!

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Reviewed by altisse 10

This movie really surprised me. It made me laugh and made me cry. I really felt invested in the characters. I' was so excited with the outcome but don't want to give it away. This is a great date movie and the theater I saw it in had a wide range of ages watching and it seemed to be universally enjoyed. When looking for a really nice , not too heavy story to relax and enjoy, I would give this a watch. The scenery in the film is another bonus. I haven't been to Europe but almost feel like I have now. Overall storyline takes you through the trials and tribulations of many adults with their career choices and struggles and their relationship trials and tribulations and I felt like they tapped into my emotions in both of these areas and gave me a fun roller coaster ride of enjoyment

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