Mata Batin 2


Horror / Mystery

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Reviewed by ymyuseda 7

Mata Batin 2, is the latest horror movie from Rocky Soraya. In my opinion, this movie is not as good as people and critics are saying, but not as bad as the Mata Batin 1. The cinematography added to the creepy atmosphere, and there's at least a couple of very well done creepy scenes. For all of you, go watch it, if you're a hardcore fan of horror movie !!

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Reviewed by kosmasp 5

But also as the first one a lot of fake scares. Boo I&#39;m here to scare you ... now run away, because I won&#39;t hurt you (yet). If it sounds like I&#39;m not entirely convinced with the movie, you might be onto something. But I have seen way worse horror movies and I wouldn&#39;t go nearly as far as to call this a &quot;bad&quot; movie (no matter the genre).<br/><br/>Now we get a continuation from the first 3rd eye movie, though as you can guess you can watch this without prior knowledge of the other film. Of course if you do, you will have a couple of insights and &quot;know&quot; the characters (it&#39;s a nice touch, but let&#39;s keep it real, paper thin). If you are into this sort of stuff, sound design and so forth - well done.

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