Mary Queen of Scots


Biography / Drama

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P/S 2652 / 1908

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Reviewed by lookinround-king52 1

What a dreadful movie. Oral sex with the queen, then she is raped by her husband. Let's throw in some male homo sexual antics with the new would be king. We should have a black member of court. Let us throw in an Asian lady in waiting. Oh, let's have some women's lib in the Queens dialogue?! As for historical accuracy; forget it. This film should have been set in some mystical far away land and been advertised as such and had it been so, I would not have wasted my time and money on such a stupidly convened movie. What a joke!

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Reviewed by mirandamkester 2

This movie was so godawful I just sat there in pure frustration! Nothing about this movie was accurate! Mary and Elizabeth never met!!!! Mary was raised in FRANCE, she would have NEVER have had a Scottish accent let alone a Irish one! The gay husband....seriously!? The diversity of the cast, was just unbearable....never would have happened in that time period!<br/><br/>Overall its 2 hours of my life I can never get back! Dont waste your time with this crap of a movie!

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Reviewed by JennerBrown 2

For a film that is unironically trying to pass itself off as an important, historically accurate film, I found the casting cartoonish. Who knew that a large percentage of 16th Century UK was non-European people of color! Diversity agenda run amok. What&#39;s next, the history of Ming China cast with blonde Danes?<br/><br/>But that&#39;s only the beginning of the jarring ways in which this film drags you out of reality. The film is a narrative mess. Profoundly unlike able characters, convoluted split storylines, overly obsessed with ainconsequential gay sex subplot (one wonders if the filmmakers are merely hoping to check off every PC box possible).<br/><br/>Ultimately, the real loser here is the magnificence of British history. Go see The Favourite instead.

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