Married by Christmas


Comedy / Romance

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Reviewed by kiwijws 2

I was looking forward to watching this movie. The premise sounded interesting and I love a good Christmas TV movie. Alas the reality of this terrible story line just mad me mad and frustrated. Who writes this tripe???? It&#39;s 2017 (when I watched it) and released in 2016 NOT the turn of the century. I&#39;m sorry but I do NOT recommend this movie at all. <br/><br/>I gave it 2 stars because I do like the actors in it and have seen them in MUCH better productions.

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Reviewed by AngelCullen 5

This movie started out so well .. I had high hopes but it just didn&#39;t make sense by the end!! I&#39;m giving this 5 stars because it had great acting, I loved the main characters .. I just feel like the script needs a bit of tweaking... Because this just didn&#39;t feel like the feel-good-movies I&#39;m used to .. and just when I thought I discovered another TV network to look forward to its movies ??<br/><br/>I really liked the hero and heroine, they had great chemistry. Loved the sisters relationship, because it came off so real.<br/><br/>I liked the film, I just wish it was better. But maybe that&#39;s just me. Take a chance on this movie, you might like it.

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Reviewed by paulk-21 8

...but I like quirky. And the cast performs amazingly in this film, with the added benefit of some zippy dialog. But a special shout-out to Jes Macallan. Don&#39;t know if I&#39;ve ever seen her before, but she does a deft turn as a conflicted sister and her acting is superb.

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