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Reviewed by bkoganbing 7

James Stewart and Carole Lombard meet and marry on impulse while Stewart is in Boston on a case.<br/><br/>When they get back to New York the two of them go through a lot of the trials that newlyweds do, a seemingly unfeeling and uncomprehending boss, a bitter mother-in-law for Lombard, a new baby and then a sick toddler. I guess the fact that they get through it all is proof that they were indeed Made for Each Other.<br/><br/>Other reviewers have noted some similarities between It&#39;s A Wonderful Life and Penny Serenade. They are certainly there. What&#39;s not there is the screwball comedy that we remember Carole Lombard for. No laughs in this one, she plays this quite seriously and shows her versatility.<br/><br/>Stewart however is pure Stewart. It&#39;s as if Jefferson Smith had gone to law school instead of becoming a Boy Ranger. He&#39;s so idealistic and full of hope as he starts married life with Lombard. As he appeals to Charles Coburn for financial help to save his kid, the whole audience in the theaters must have felt along with him.<br/><br/>The two have some problems keeping household staff and when they find one they really like, their budget crunch forces them to let Louise Beavers go. Though it sure has some racial clichés in it, my favorite moment comes from Louise Beavers in that scene with Carole Lombard as Lombard tells her they will have to discharge her. Beavers is a woman with real heart and soul and her words of comfort to Lombard never fail to move me.<br/><br/>For fans of melodramatic soap opera and the two stars. Some may find Made for Each Other too saccharine, but I like it.

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Reviewed by otter 7

Jimmy Stewart and Carole Lombard make an incredibly appealing couple, one whose everyday middle-class joys and sorrows you like sharing. That&#39;s all there is to the movie, pretty much, Jimmy and Carole get married, have a baby, deal with in-laws, money troubles, changes in their relationship, all the things everyone does. It&#39;s the opposite of an Action Flick, here domestic sorrows like pay cuts and not having a baby sitter on New Year&#39;s Eve are treated as seriously as real people treat them, and the movie is well made enough that you care. Who couldn&#39;t care about such nice, funny, sensitive people? For much of its length, it&#39;s a better &quot;Penny Serenade&quot;.<br/><br/>The place where it falls apart is the ending, which is a ludicrously inappropriate melodrama about flying medicine in from thousands of miles away in a storm, it just doesn&#39;t belong in the same movie. But, I like the story behind it: Like a character in the movie, producer David Selznick&#39;s brother Myron (a power agent) was taken seriously ill, and was basically given up for dead. A doctor said that the only thing that could save him was a rare/experimental drug that wasn&#39;t available in LA, it had to be flown in from the east coast in terrible weather. The Selznick family sweated for hours, trying to keep in touch with a heroic pilot who was risking his life to save a stranger. When the pilot landed safely and Myron was saved, David Selznick the workaholic producer said &quot;This it too good to waste on Myron. Let&#39;s put it in a picture!&quot; I just wish he&#39;d waited for a better place to use it.

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Reviewed by allen-maccannell 10

After reading IMDb about various movies for years, this is the one film that caused me to sign up as a member in order to leave a review.<br/><br/>That should say a lot.<br/><br/>This is a fantastic movie with great acting and it clearly prefigured &quot;It&#39;s a Wonderful Life.&quot;<br/><br/>It&#39;s an honest tearjerker. Those prone to cry will do so. For some I could see it producing Niagara Falls. The acting is that good. And a movie is made only once every few years that can make my eyes water.<br/><br/>I&#39;d advise you not to pay much attention to the negative reviews, including from those who would now find the plot to be derivative when future movies were the ones that were derived from this. <br/><br/>Sure, it starts slow (and Jimmy Stewart was more of a novice). It&#39;s supposed to be showing the every day life of a struggling couple during hard times.<br/><br/>That only adds to the emotional impact of the last half hour.<br/><br/>The producer put a part of his own life story into this picture.<br/><br/>It&#39;s really sad to know that Carole Lombard died soon after this movie was made in a plane crash over the mountains.<br/><br/>This movie is a must-see.

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