Lt. Robin Crusoe U.S.N.


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Reviewed by k7kbn-1 8

The Aircraft Carrier in this movie is USS Kitty Hawk. I was a radioman stationed on the 'Hawk when Disney came aboard in San Diego and filmed some launches and recoveries. When we returned to San Diego the Disney crew left to go make the movie, and Kitty Hawk left for the Western Pacific and Viet Nam. When we returned eight months later, the world premiere of Lt. Robin Crusoe, USN was held right there on the ship. Disney studios came aboard and turned Hangar Bay #1 into quite a nice theater. Having been an usher in theaters in my home town of Las Vegas NV, I was assigned some ushering duty for that premiere (and I got to meet Dick van Dyke and Nancy Kwan!) Not the "greatest" movie of all time, but very entertaining.

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Reviewed by andreacubs 9

This is an all time classic Disney flick, and TOTALLY underrated. I used to watch this all night long when I was sick. The humor and silliness of the film always made me feel better. Now, as an adult, I see so much more in the film. Of course you have Dick Van Dyke, who is a comic genius, who steals the show with his physical comedy, but underneath it, the film takes on some serious issues. I've used the film to teach about the women's rights movement in the USA, and even to explain the spread of democratic ideals, and the effect it can have on a society. Really! The most important thing is that this is a wholesome, family fun comedy. It makes hardened teenagers laugh, and I always get comments about how good it is. They always say "I thought it was going to be stupid, but it was really ________ (good, funny, cute, fun, fill in your own positive). High praise indeed! I was frequently told that "The guy from Mary Poppins is funny, but Floyd steals the show!" I absolutely recommend this flick. It is one of the all time best!

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Reviewed by Douglas_Holmes 7

Okay, I&#39;m looking at this thing through the gauze of nostalgia. I haven&#39;t seen it all the way through since that long-ago day in 1966 when I bought a ticket at a local movie theater and watched it.<br/><br/>I remember that I laughed throughout this. Dick Van Dyke has always been a favorite of mine and he was in top-form for this film. Richard Deacon (&quot;The Dick Van Dyke Show&quot; and &quot;Leave It to Beaver&quot; among other things) provides narration. He had an excellent voice.

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