Lover Girl


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Reviewed by sidmsdw 7

I will admit that this movie managed to hold my attention in a way that many admittedly better movies have not. Reason? There just aren't that many hooker comedies that skirt the subject of sex the way this one does. That struck me as novel while I was watching it and made me think the filmmakers were attempting something more ambitious than the usual chortling over sex. Tara Subkoff is very watchable and likable as a gangly, awkward young prostie wannabe. She has the unique ability to project awkwardness, emotional need and immaturity, mix it up and have it come out something like bohemian cool. I got a lot of insight into a whole generation of disaffected youth watching this flick. Cool, indeed.

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Reviewed by evilminx 10

Jake is a teenager looking for a place to stay. When both her mom and her sister off her, she starts following Marcy around. Who, we later find out works at a massage parlor, in which three of Marcy's friends are also employed. Jake, while being inside to use the bathroom discovers what kind of massage parlor it is. Instantly intrigued, she hangs around, whether against Marcy's will or not. Jake found a place she wants to be. I found this film to be one of the most touching I've seen. It really got me involved with the characters, and the acting by everyone was great. It really is a movie about bonding, and I think it's beautifully done. The best part is, Jake can name fifty different kinds of candy, and go into detail about each one.

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Reviewed by JdMoV 4

Fresh talent Tara Subkoff, who was excellent in the little seen teen angst drama &quot;All Over Me,&quot; stars as Jake, a teen girl whose sister (Kristy Swanson) refuses to let her stay with her. So Jake meets Sandra Bernhard, a masseuse/whore who takes her under her wing. Jake then becomes interested in the job, so she also joins, against Bernhard&#39;s will. The plot makes this seem like a dark, gritty drama, sort of like the massage parlor &quot;Whore,&quot; but &quot;Lover Girl&quot; is really light and quirky, and not very funny or dramatic.<br/><br/>Besides to see Subkoff, there is no reason to check out &quot;Lover Girl&quot;. 2 STaRs OuT oF FoUR.

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