Love Thy Neighbour


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Reviewed by filmbuff1970 10

This is a great comedy, highlighting what it was like to live next door to racist bigot. But also shows that both main characters are actually as bad as each other. Based on the hit ITV comedy, this is very politically incorrect. And its all the better for it, comedy after all is to entertain. The movies only real drawback is there isnt much of a plot. However the cast are as great as usual. Jack Smethurst and Rudolph Walker make one hell of a team, playing off each other in a oneupmanship kind of way.It's been many years since i saw this movie and last week was finally able to buy it on dvd. The fact that the movie still contains genuine laugh out loud moments, means that i can recommend this movie, just like i would of back in the 1970's.

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Reviewed by mokumhammer 7

Terrible dated filmGrreat supporting roles by Tommy Godfrey, Keith Marsh & Patricia Hayes.Very politically incorrect now - & I suspect then.Not worth a watch

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