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Reviewed by MIssM19 8

We have a Fall Harvest 2017 favorite. Well done Hallmark. Don&#39;t get me wrong, this movie is still the formula we all know: girl from the country currently living in a big town has to come back home and runs into ex, yet above average. This one made me remember why I love these movies.<br/><br/>After the not-so-good movies Hallmark has been delivering I started this without much enthusiasm (Let&#39;s be real, Andrew W. Walker was the reason) and I&#39;m glad I watched it. <br/><br/>I&#39;m not gonna lie: Sarah Jane Morris and Andrew made me feel things, okay? After more than a decade their characters meet again and they start spending time together and reconnecting. Megan also gets to know Joe&#39;s daughter Lily who is adorable. All of this, of course, happens during that Fall Festival of that small town.<br/><br/>Megan had a boyfriend in the movie (and let me tell it&#39;s an actor that always plays THAT character we all dislike) and for once i&#39;m glad that he is not the self-centered guy we are used to see. So points for that. Another aspect that surprised me were the flashbacks! I&#39;ve only seen this element on 2 or 3 movies and they were always one or two but we get to see a few moments of their time together and I loved it!<br/><br/>The story/plot made sense. The characters were great. And the combination of Andrew, someone we already know, and Sarah, that we don&#39;t, was great. <br/><br/>A must watch.

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Reviewed by krburt-55789 9

I scored it quite highly for how good it is because it&#39;s right up my street. The kind of movie where nothing &#39;really&#39; bad happens and they are all happy at the end. It warms my heart and makes me smile. It is a hallmark movie, so you either love them or you think they&#39;re cringy!

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Reviewed by Jackbv123 4

This is the third dud, I believe in as many weeks, in Hallmark&#39;s Harvest Fest premieres. This does not bode well for future Hallmark Saturday nights. I only hope they put most of their concentration, quality-wise, into Countdown to Christmas.<br/><br/>Megan has a yes sir personality and her boss makes a totally unreasonable demand that she bail him out in 3 days for what he couldn&#39;t do in who knows how much time. She should have stood up to him and told him so because clearly whether she succeeded or not, she wasn&#39;t going to like it there. But she goes home intent to do his will and immediately starts saying yes to virtually everyone who asked for anything, most of which diverted her from her most important task. At times she didn&#39;t even seem to care that she had a deadline as she sat around in a waitress outfit chatting with the other waitress. Apparently she didn&#39;t even notice that her firms design destroyed the beautiful landscape it was building on. Megan had a good heart but was a total wimp. Basically the entire setup for this story was horrible, even worse than most romance movies which we expect and allow to have some unrealistic aspects.<br/><br/>Poor Andrew Walker. He was good. He tried to have chemistry with Sarah Morris and did to some degree. I frankly didn&#39;t notice whether Morris&#39; acting was any good because I so much disrespected her character.<br/><br/>Of course the ending is totally unrealistic too, but it would be spoilers to discuss what I hated about it.

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