Love Is All There Is


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Reviewed by J Cairo 8

A delightfully unpretentious send up of Romeo and Juliet. Approach with no expectations other than having a good time and you will enjoy this one. A talented group of comic actors let go and have a riot in this light-hearted performers' vehicle. Bad reviews were due to a snobbishness about treatments of Shakespeare. Some people feel that all film must be "important" ---If you share those views, don't bother. The credits read "introducing" Angelina Jolie, which is not even close to being true, but she is astoundingly beautiful as the Juliet character, and, as always, her acting is wonderful--- and, considering her age at the time, even her dialect is pretty good. Recreating this classic tale with feuding Italian families in the catering business in New York results in great fun. See it in the right frame of mind and you will laugh out loud.

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Reviewed by Heinz57 7

A sweet story of first love, emoting Romeo and Juliet in a modern American setting. The whole thing is played as a farce, as between the grownups who are trying to (over)protect their children. Angelina Jolie gives a totally charming performance, that resonates with one's romantic side (if one has that). If you like the actress, you have to have this movie. A fun movie without any message other than, that love is all there is. If it was available on DVD I would buy it in a minute!

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Reviewed by Oldsport57 7

Never saw this film until it was on late-nite TV.<br/><br/>My husband still has bruises from my pounding on him to wake up! I laughed until I cried!<br/><br/>The cast...goes without saying...magnificent. Bravura performances by all. Being brought up in an old-fashioned Italian neighborhood, I was able to identify with so many of the &quot;grownups&quot; in my past.<br/><br/>If you&#39;re really bummed, your checking account balance is in red, the IRS is after you, and your sinus headache is keeping you awake, find this film. It will cure all that and smooth out your hangnails, too!

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