Love Blossoms


Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by barlowralph 5

Love Blossoms is a very typical Hallmark romantic movie, complete with the beautiful "heroine," the handsome "hero," the handsome boyfriend/fiancée, and the beautiful but devious "witch." The plot revolves around our heroine finishing the development of a new perfume which her late father had created. The movie is rather slow, and downright boring in spots, but it does have a nice, smile-producing ending scene. If you've got a lot of free time and like these kinds of "sappy" movies (as my wife and I do), then watch it.

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Reviewed by Abettysdesk 10

This movie was excellent. Don't listen to the naysayers. Uh oh, barlowralph "Some Smiles, Some Yawns" gave SPOILERS, so DON'T READ THAT ONE! And DON'T read Miss M's "Lovely, something different" either because there are SPOILERS!..... I'm so glad I did not read these reviews before I watched the movie, because I would've been upset that I knew what was going to happen..... The scenery was gorgeous, excellent shots, the story was very new and fresh, with some unique twists that I'd not seen before. The music was great. The acting was very real, my husband and I felt like we were a part of their lives. This is a must see. Very inspirational. We LOVED IT!!!

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Reviewed by huggibear 6

Halmark IS improving the quality of their movies. I have noticed the shift. This is a brand new movie for 2017 and it has a different idea, at least. Hallmark is beginning to think beyond and outside of the box when it comes to script-writing. I thought it was a cute movie. I never suspected who the guilty party was that ratted out the company, but I knew something didn't sit well with me and this character right from the beginning of this movie. This character played the part well, driven to get the results desired for who we thought was to be the 'original' team who created the formula. Little did we know! Guess you'll have to watch the movie to see who was on the competitor's side. It's a decent chick and 'sappy' dude flick.

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