Lost in Florence


Adventure / Drama

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Reviewed by sh_rabat88 7

I didn't find any bad in that movie Because The Girl who ditched Eric Because She needs Eric as a lawyer whereas Eric just want to live in today not tomorrow coz you never know what tomorrow brings may be worsen than today..Apart from this true love never happens on any conditions which Eric's 1st girlfriend wanted... After the break up Eric was messed up and he found his love among the well wisher his cousin's family and people of Florence .. they gave him a place in their heart through playing in their traditional game.. Beside this Eric found his true love in Estafenia who only appreciates Eric what he is today , she inspires Eric to do what he loves... That's why Eric fell for her and shouldn't be? This films has the beautiful scenery of Florence with a Usual Love Story.. No i didn't find any melancholy thing in this movie..

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Reviewed by DoctorStrabismus 8

Florence is one of my favourite cities of the world, and I am an old guy who has travelled a lot. It&#39;s 52 years since I first visited there, and I have been back over and over, including just three months ago. I had heard of Calcio Storico, but never visited at that time in June, so I knew very little about it, other than that it is pretty rough!<br/><br/>So in my opinion Ercole (Eric) needs very few reasons for falling in love with the city, but the movie gives him two, and these are Calcio Storico and Stefania. In their portrayal, the former trumps the latter (now why did I use that verb?? I will return to this). I found the notion that a gridiron footballer would take to Calcio Storico with such enthusiasm thoroughly plausible, and very well presented. The &#39;boy meets girl&#39; story was a little bit more thin. OK, he was on the rebound, he was in an enchanting city, and it wasn&#39;t hard, especially as she made very little secret of her sexual desire for him.<br/><br/>The ending was his final &#39;Labour of Hercules&#39; - he had to choose between two women. And in these days of Trump, anyone who decided to vote for him might have great difficulty understanding how and why any man could reject a steady suburban life in America with a woman who was American as apple pie, for the magical slice of Italian chaos that is Florence with a woman who was as passionate as every artist who ever lived in that breathtakingly marvellous city. Ercole displayed his passion - he was full of it, and loved living life for the moment and to the full. Colleen was devoid of it, and for her it was all about financial security first second and third.<br/><br/>It was through her own passion that Stefania won her man. A very nice little movie, 8/10.

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Reviewed by aleksandra-30716 10

This film has appeared to be a great surprise to me. It is nothing like a stereotypical romantic melodrama, this is a True Film in the most powerful meaning of the word. It restores a will to live. It is pure, sincere and real, and at the same time symbolic and magical, reminds me the Italian New Wave cinema. It is great from the beginning to the end. The acting and cinematography are brilliant. Brett Dalton gives an outstanding performance as always. I didn&#39;t know the rest of the actors well enough before, but now I feel a huge respect to everyone of them. Every character is so much alive, every scene is so well filmed. I haven&#39;t watched that good movie for a long time. It&#39;s hard to impress me, but this film did.

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