Lost for Words


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Reviewed by Foldees 7

Lost for Words is a simple story about two strangers who fall in love after a chance encounter in a foreign land. <br/><br/>The storyline is ordinary. But the setting is exotic. The aerial footage of Hong Kong is simply breath-taking.<br/><br/>Sean Faris plays a damaged ex-Marine who seeks a fresh start in a new city. Grace Huang is an ambitious ballerina from Mainland China. They meet and the relationship builds, at a deliberately slow pace. By the time they fall hopelessly in love, we come to accept the pacing and tone of this movie. <br/><br/>Joman Chiang who plays the rebellious best friend is the one to watch. Vivacious and luminous, she also provides some comic relief to this at times boring drama.<br/><br/>The third act comes from nowhere and the film changes tone and not in a good way. However, there are enough good bits in the movie to make it enjoyable.

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Reviewed by laramia-garcia 8

The reviewer Foldees is like a seer. I watched the movie almost six years later, but the way Foldees described the movie is how I would describe it too.<br/><br/>The story is indeed ordinary...quite formulaic at that, but it was like a travelogue for me. I am quite familiar with Hong Kong. There was a time when I knew the place like it was the back of my hand, but LOST FOR WORDS let me see places I have never been to. I also appreciated Hong Kong more, and the movie is making me wish I were there right now.<br/><br/>I just don&#39;t think I could lie down the floor of the cable car. Gosh. My imagination would go wild. What if it would crack and I would fall down? Thankfully, Anna calmed Michael&#39;s nerves.<br/><br/>I like the chemistry between GRACE HUANG and SEAN FERRIS. It was also such a delight to watch WILL YUN LEE. He is such a natural.<br/><br/>The supporting characters were good too, especially JOMAN CHIANG who plays Mei Mei.<br/><br/>Foldees, I am not trying to copy your review. It&#39;s just that I agree with you almost a 100%.<br/><br/>It&#39;s not the best movie ever produced, but I had fun watching it. I also love their journey to Baoshan, Shanghai. I haven&#39;t been there, so it was great to learn about it, see the sights, et cetera, et cetera.<br/><br/>Do I recommend this movie?<br/><br/>Hmm, I like it a notch higher than Foldees, so I guess I could recommend it, but it&#39;s an acquired taste.<br/><br/>For me, at the very least, the movie is worth one&#39;s time.<br/><br/>I have been celebrating the Lunar New Year for years, but I still learned a lot from this film.<br/><br/>There&#39;s also a thing about honour, and for me that&#39;s a good thing.<br/><br/>:-)

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