Lost Angelas


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Reviewed by shagee7977 10

Lost Angelas, Written and Directed by William Wayne.<br/><br/>William Wayne plays Jake Hart a screenwriter trying to get his big break. His current occupation is a bartender. While visiting a local coffee shop, he meets the breathtaking beautiful Angela Rose (Korrina Rico). A lively conversation is struck between them and he learns she is a struggling actress and also an events promoter.<br/><br/>They soon start a romantic union. This sparks creativity which in turn helps him complete his next screenplay. There love is so strong they become engaged. The screenplay he is writing, is about legendary film star Angie Malone. She is played by legendary actress Charlotte Lewis. Jake has interest for Angela Rose to play the lead role. The story of Angie Malone is legendary, when she faked her death to gain fame. But was it fake or a elaborate publicity stunt.<br/><br/>Things are looking good and big time producer Walt Warshaw (Jon Jacobs) sets up a meeting with Jake and is totally interested. What Jake doesn&#39;t expect upon meeting Walt is witnessing him brutally killing 2 guys.<br/><br/>The 2 strike up a deal, if Jake helps get rid of the bodies he will make the movie and have Angela in the lead. Walt has additional insurance, a knife with Jakes prints. The movie is a critical hit and gets numerous nominations but box office bomb. Will the critics love it word of mouth is not good and it&#39;s not filling seats. A plan is made to have Angela disappear just like the title character to generate hopefully interest.<br/><br/>So events and award shows come and go and Angela is no where to be scene or heard from. Publicity is going through the roof and coverage is all over. She is winning awards for her performance and is missed. Now when it&#39;s time for her to come out of hiding she is nowhere to be found and now the police and Angela&#39;s dad want answers!<br/><br/>Angela&#39;s Dad (David Proval) and goons want answers from Jake. They plan to get them anyway they can. Little by little through there beatings it starts to stir Jakes memories. All is not good and not at all what it seems. Hollywood is a crazy place and crazy things are happening. Is Angela Alive or dead?<br/><br/>People and situations are not always what you are shown and things will be played out and explained that will leave you shaking your head in surprise of the outcome.<br/><br/>William Wayne does a tremendous job with this wink at the industry. He does a tremendous job and pretty much wore all hats to assure perfection. By Writing, Directing, Editing , Producing and starring, made it a challenge but it paid off. Along with a strong performance from himself, his supporting cast also played there parts and made this work. Jon Jacobs was deviously fun to watch him through his scenes. His crazy personality he portrayed, injected so much.<br/><br/>But the stand out here is William Wayne, every seen he is in is so well done you are drawn into his world. You personally feel his struggle and anguish on what his relationship with Angela goes through to achive the Hollywood dream.<br/><br/>This is a very well written and not so far fetched look at the seedier part of the glamours of Hollywood and the price people pay to become famous. Cinematography by(Ana Maria Manso) and editing is unbelievable and brilliant for a low budget movie. This is on par with a high budget Hollywood blockbuster. William is gifted here with such talent and it all comes together on the screen. His use of light and obscure angles make it very creative visually to watch!<br/><br/>After all it&#39;s Hollywood where dreams are made and broken at any price...even murder.<br/><br/><br/><br/>Directed by William Wayne<br/><br/>Written by William Wayne<br/><br/>Starring:<br/><br/>William Wayne, Korrina Rico, Jon Jacobs, David Proval, Charlotte Lewis, Melissa Mars.

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Reviewed by celt007 3

Not worth your time . I assume all the high reviews are not honest but from people involved with the film

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Reviewed by shanksfilmmaker 9

A really well done indie film. Great acting, quality production and the script is a winner. Loved the role Korrina Rico played, she is super talented and really shined in this one. Support this indie film and watch Los Angelas.

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