Lords of the Deep


Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Reviewed by GlennBeckFan 1

I have a great story about the movie. In 1989, I was going to David Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. Near Lipscomb is 100 Oaks Mall, which at the time had a 99 cent movie theater in one of its strip centers next to the mall.<br/><br/>One Friday night I was hanging with a bunch of friends and we decided to go see a cheap movie. I forget the other show but in theater 1 was Lords of the Deep. It was billed as having the same sfx director as Aliens so we thought it might be good. There were roughly 30 people in the auditorium, including 8 in my group.<br/><br/>Within minutes we realized that we were in for a real gem of a movie. As each minute passed the storyline got more and more ridiculous and the actors looked like they were sleepwalking through the lines fully cognizant that they&#39;d just made a massive career blunder. Within 10 mins. there were the first subdued chuckles from some of the more ridiculous lines and then came snickers, snorts, chortles, and lastly, pure laughter for a supposedly serious Sci-Fi thriller.<br/><br/>After it was over we pledged to try and see the movie again Saturday night. We drove back to campus and told all of our friends. Saturday there were 60 people in the crowd. At the Sunday 9pm showing there were probably 100 people. Monday, the last time I saw it the show was nearly sold out.<br/><br/>If you want a true, blue, so-bad-it-is-good film check out this cinematic calamity at your nearest Blockbuster.

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Reviewed by Zorin-2 1

I gave my brother 5 bucks to go buy me a used movie because I was unable to go. He came home with &quot;Lords of the Deep&quot;. He said he picked it out because I like underwater movies such as &quot;The Abyss&quot;, &quot;Leviathan&quot;, &quot;Deep Star Six&quot;, and &quot;Sphere&quot;. I knew I was in trouble when I looked on the credits and found that Roger Corman was the producer. &quot;Lords of the Deep&quot; ended up being so bad that I donated it to the library. What a horrible viewing experience!

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Reviewed by BaronBl00d 2

Pathetically poor production from Roger Corman and directed by Mary Ann Fisher about sometime in the future when more habitable living space is needed - so a company is trying to mine the depths of the oceans as a future home for mankind. We get to look in on the daily lives of a small group of scientists led by Bradford Dillman as they find another living form hitherto unknown to man. The plot pretext doesn&#39;t sound all that bad, but you are in store for a real &quot;treat&quot; as we get nowhere fast with the plot, some inane dialog, some incredibly poor special effects, a pace that would make the tortoise bored, and acting from a paper bag by Dillman and even worse pretty Priscella Barnes trying to convince the audience and the camera that she can act dramatically. There are a couple scenes, where Priscella has just witnessed a killing or heard of one, and she still looks like she smiles throughout the whole proceedings. But worst of all - this film is just plain boring. Nothing of any real note happens, and it has some ludicrous end to try and wrap it all up.

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