Loon Lake


Drama / Horror

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Reviewed by gandlgall 9

Loon Lake is a surprisingly good horror/ghost story film with production values that bely its small budget. The photography, music, and acting are a cut above the usual independent film. It is fun to see an old pro like David Selby playing multiple roles, but I was most impressed with Kelly Erin Decker (listed in the credits as Kelly Kitko). Her performance as the accused witch is controlled and convincing. Her portrayal of the character is eerily frightening without resorting to histrionics.<br/><br/>The plot may not be groundbreaking, but the movie maintains one&#39;s interest throughout. So, if you like a good horror flick, give Loon Lake a try

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Reviewed by arstudio-16409 9

I enjoyed this psychological thriller. The acting was excellent, the Minnesota locations were atmospheric and haunting. It might be low budget, but the story is compelling and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Highly recommended for Halloween viewing.

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Reviewed by hussong-786-387506 10

I recently watched &quot;Loon Lake&quot; and found the Thriller Excellent. I grew up by Loon Lake and have known about the Legend of the Loon Lake grave yard and Mary Jane most of my life. When we would visit the grave yard when I was in high school weird things would happen there. It had a spooky feel just being there.<br/><br/>The movie did an excellent job of bring the legend to film. All the actors did a brilliant job. The filming was done fantastic. The back ground shadows that moved and subtle reflections were perfect. That is what often scares me the Most. The music was awesome. I usually don&#39;t notice the music but it was perfect.<br/><br/>All in all it was definitely well worth watching!

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