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If you like history, music, punk rock, Johnny and or the Dolls this is a must have. A no holds barred honest overview of Johnny's life and career. I'm a lifelong fan and had no idea just how important Mr. Thunders was to punk rock and the NYC rock scene. A well done documentary of a under valued musician. RIP Johnny. "You can't put your arms around a memory". Yeah, he knew he wasn't long for the world. He affected so many bands, from the Pistols to the Clash. He was the Keith Richards of the punk set, the cool old guy who knew the game and walked the walk and talked the talk. I had the honor of seeing Johnny in the late 1980s. He put on a hell of a show. And like many undervalued bands/musicians the could have been are tragic and truly sad. Many say he was just a junkie, but the truth is far more painful than I ever knew. Please see this documentary and see for yourself. Johnny's story is one of the great untold rock n' roll tragedies of all time. This deserves to be told.

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