Literally, Right Before Aaron


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by zitaz 4

I had some level of expectation from this movie based on the premise and the actors, but literally nothing happens in this film. I get that they were aiming for an indie-film feel, but still. We learn nothing about why these people broke up, other than the short glimpses into their past relationship, we don't know anything about them that would make them likable or root for one or both of them. For an indie film, there are too many cringe-worthy cliches, in every single scene. Poor Ryan Hansen is reduced to a sort of douchey annoying 'that's-who-she's-marrying' character.

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Reviewed by lokis_mistress 3

I think I have written maybe two reviews in my life, and that's because movies were SO AMAZING that it needed to be said. In this case, it's just... so... not... worth... watching. There is no other way to say that whoever's fault this ridiculous waste is should be dragged across hot coals. I adore Justin, and I'm learning to like Cobie... DEFINITELY as a comedy duo they should have clicked and this had all the potential to be a great movie that was needed. Love the backdrop of San Fran and that lifestyle... really, I'm thinking chalk this up to supremely bad writing, directing and editing. Absolutely zero redeeming qualities here. I am surprised that halfway through filming Justin didn't stand up and walk off set in protest.

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Reviewed by jma_be 4

I could&#39;t stop myself from writing this. I have watched this movie with great expectations with the likes of Cobie Smulders and Justin Long and I hate to say that I&#39;m truly disappointed. What a waste of talent.<br/><br/>The entire plot is just a big hot balloon which filled with nothing. And it explodes in the end and nothing comes out, disappointed.

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