Line of Duty


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.5


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90 min
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Reviewed by ccollett-200-336631 4

I paid for this movie and I really wish I didn't . The acting is terrible. The chase scenes are ridiculous. No realism whatsoever. If you're looking to kill some time , this isn't an awful find. If you're looking for a blockbuster action movie, this isn't it. Just my 2cents.

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Reviewed by TwistedContent 5

Steven C. Miller has been pumping out thrillers for a few years now, &quot;Line of Duty&quot; is neither his best or worst, its his usual - average. However, it&#39;s a light and easy watch, home screen entertainment is provided by lots of action, an eventful albeit oversimplified plot, recognizable actors &amp; mild comedy consisting of familiar kind of jokes.<br/><br/>Let&#39;s just say I was a little less grumpier after seeing &quot;Line of Duty&quot;, &#39;cause while it is quite shallow, cliché and, well, flawed, it&#39;s also light and fun for anyone who enjoys thrillers and crime flicks in the comfort or their own couch. The cast definitely helped, Aaron Eckhart did what he&#39;s supposed to, Giancarlo Esposito didn&#39;t have the amount of screen time I was expecting &amp; as I&#39;m a guy who&#39;s seen all the episodes of &quot;Gotham&quot;, it was very cool seeing Ben Mckenzie in a movie for the first time (and as a villain!). Story&#39;s rather simple, the usual police thriller type of stuff, infused, of course, with a character who brings millennial vibes and culture into the script. That&#39;s starting to look more and more like a mandatory thing in movies nowadays. Don&#39;t get me wrong though, it didn&#39;t take away from the movie. Gotta live with the times, right. Towards the ending the plot gets more underwhelming, but it all ends on kind of silly yet a positive note, cranks out a smile. Thankfully, visually, while looking like a standard 2010&#39;s mid-tier action thriller, it&#39;s still appealing enough, decently shot and edited. I also noticed a few nice stunts.<br/><br/>Basically, once you throw realism out the door and don&#39;t expect any smart innovations, you&#39;re in for a forgettable but enjoyable ride. On one hand, Steven C. Millers filmography amazes me, but on the other, as a sum, it&#39;s barely scratching the average line. I think the guy has more potential, if he&#39;d just slow down a little. My rating: 5/10.

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Reviewed by deliciousdates 7

Seriously.. I mean with the capital S Seriously saving a kid with the death of 15 innocent officers.. ?? no one asked about them.. just happy that they saved a kid.. ??

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