Life Without Dick


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Reviewed by LightningSparrow 8

First of all I have to say I loved this movie. I know a lot of other people who doesn&#39;t like this, but I sure did.<br/><br/>We start seeing Colleen coming home, and she think&#39;s her boyfriend (Dick) is cheating on her. Than she take out a gun that is in her purse, and point it at Dick. She then pulls the trigger and shots her boyfriend. She is a bit surprised, cause the guns she has, don&#39;t usually have bullets in it. Then she hides the body and is trying to live life after this &quot;tragedy&quot;.<br/><br/>The whole idea of a dumb blond girl who &quot;unfortunately&quot; kills her boyfriend, can&#39;t be anything but funny, when it&#39;s a comedy. Everyone is stupid in their own way, and they don&#39;t have any idea of what they are doing. <br/><br/>If you like that kind of movies this is for you. Just watch it.

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Reviewed by TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews 1

Having seen only one other Bix Skahill film(well, actually, looking on his filmography, this is only his second film, meaning I&#39;ve seen everything he&#39;s done, feature-film-wise), I must say, this is really bad compared to the other one. Chain Of Fools(which wasn&#39;t directed by Bix, only written by him... maybe that&#39;s the problem with this one?) was good for a laugh; it wasn&#39;t great, but it was original, fun and a good use of a great cast. This is a muddled mess of the genres romance and comedy, neither of which really work in this film. The jokes fall flat, the romance doesn&#39;t hold up and the characters are unlikable, one-dimensional and their actions are often illogical and out of character. The film has a number of subplots, several of which are reused from Chain Of Fools(jeez, show some imagination, will you?). Several actors from Chain Of Fools also have parts in this one, but their talents are pretty much wasted here. The film has nothing new to offer; if you&#39;ve seen Chain Of Fools, you&#39;ve seen what Bix can accomplish... this is, unfortunately, a mess of a movie, and a bad example of his work. The dialog is poorly written, most of the parts are overplayed, the film has no redeeming qualities and no funny moments. Please, Bix, spend more time writing the next script, OK? Or if you&#39;re going to direct again, please learn how to do so before releasing something as bad as this film. I don&#39;t really recommend this to anyone, as it&#39;s just really, really bad. Go watch Chain Of Fools(or, even better, something even funnier than that) instead. 1/10

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Reviewed by luludavis 7

Writer/director Bix Skahill is a funny man. Life Without Dick is a wild love-story, murder mystery that has layers of interesting characters and plot twists. The casting is incredible. Sarah Jessica Parker is sexy and funny. Harry Connick, Jr. has the &#39;triple threat&#39;. Ever since I saw him in Jodie foster&#39;s Little Man Tate, I&#39;ve considered him one of Hollywood&#39;s untapped talents. He&#39;s handsome, funny and he can sing (which is cleverly woven into the plot with the most hilarious results).<br/><br/>Even the guy who plays Harley, the man at the garbage dump had me rolling on the floor. This is a party film in the tradition of Animal House, Monty Python&#39;s Flying Circus and those old Bob Hope road pictures. See

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