Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II


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Reviewed by eshea-55483 2

I don&#39;t like to criticize independent labor-of-love productions, but this is just not a good documentary -- unless you&#39;re interested in hearing a lot of people talk about what a genius they think Clive Barker is. <br/><br/>I&#39;ve no doubt Barker is a major creative talent, and Hellraiser is a great horror movie, but it provides next to nothing about the making of the movie, the creation of the story, how it came to life, etc. I mean, apart from &quot;This is a monumental film, Clive is a genius.&quot; <br/><br/>There&#39;s also almost no actual footage from the film, only occasional glimpses. Mostly it&#39;s one middle-aged (the movie is several decades old, after all) person after another talking about how much of a genius Barker is and how amazing it is that they were able to know him. <br/><br/>The film-makers start to delve into how Hellraiser fit in with the other horror movies of the era but it&#39;s all so superficial and shallow, and really it seems like the argument for why Hellraiser was so different from the other movies at the time is because it was just *so* different from the other movies at the time. The whole thing feels like a circular argument, which always leads back &quot;I mean... a genius! The man is a genius!&quot; <br/><br/>And even then, they don&#39;t even go into *why* he&#39;s a genius. People keep talking about how brilliant his paintings are, but then the movie barely shows them. People talk about amazing his books are, and yet I came out of the film not knowing the title of a single one of his books. The whole thing is just so superficial and frivolous. <br/><br/>And of course, Barker himself isn&#39;t in it. And also, if you&#39;re going to recycle that same, tired Stephen King &quot;I&#39;ve seen the future of horror&quot; quote, then maybe you should actually interview Stephen King and find out why he said it, what made him think that, how was Barker different from the &#39;past&#39; of horror, etc. But, nope. Almost all of the talking heads are people who haven&#39;t done much apart from Hellraiser. <br/><br/>There&#39;s a very good documentary to be made about Hellraiser, but this isn&#39;t it. Again, I get no pleasure from criticizing this movie, but this is the perspective of one person who watched it.<br/><br/>Post-script -- Wait, one of the other reviews here calls this a 7 hour documentary. Either he is mistaken or I saw only part of it or I&#39;m confused or.... something. Anyway, what I saw dealt only with Hellraiser and Clive Barker, for what it&#39;s worth.

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Reviewed by Platypuschow 5

It&#39;s hard to believe that a documentary can have a run time of minutes under 8hrs, one single documentary!<br/><br/>Now when they did the Friday 13th documentary (Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013)) it covered 12 different films and was around 6hrs long. This is 8hrs and covers 2 films, 2!<br/><br/>Nobody can dispute that the documentary is thorough and is arguably a must watch for fans of the first two Hellraiser movies but 8hrs is far far too long.<br/><br/>As you can imagine the documentary goes over old ground several times, it&#39;s interviews are decent but the number of people interviewed is far less than you&#39;d imagine especially the absence of Ashley Laurence (Not as if she was the lead or anything)<br/><br/>I liked Hellraiser and considered the second film a watchable affair but this was seven shades of overkill and damaged my enjoyment. This really should have been edited down to 2hrs, 3 at the most.<br/><br/>The Good:<br/><br/>Very thorough<br/><br/>Some decent interviews<br/><br/>The Bad:<br/><br/>Too few people interviewed<br/><br/>How can you do this without the lead? Seriously?<br/><br/>Far too long<br/><br/>Bit repititious<br/><br/>Things I Learnt From This Movie:<br/><br/>I have far too much time on my hands

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Reviewed by RikStewart 10

This is without a doubt THE best documentary on Hellraiser and it&#39;s first sequel, Hellbound:Hellraiser II. An extremely thorough and exhaustive collection of interviews with pretty much everybody involved in the creation of these two masterpieces on Horror cinema, the only real exceptions being Clive Barker himself (I believe due to illness) and Ashley Lawrence, who portrayed Kirtsy Cotton in the films, but due to the sheer amount of information and anecdotes from the large number of talking heads on offer here, their absence is barely noticeable. Spread out over 3 DVD&#39;s, with the first two dedicated to Hellraiser and Hellbound respectively, and the third disc being crammed with extra features, which include mini documentaries on Clive Barker, Channard, The Cenobites, the unused music of Coil and much more.<br/><br/>Fans of other excellent documentaries of this type, such as More Brains!:A Return to the Living Dead (from the same writer), Crystal Lake Memories:The Complete History of Friday the 13th and Never Sleep Again:The Elm Street Legacy will certainly enjoy this, I&#39;m sure.<br/><br/>Highly recommended for fans of the Hellraiser franchise

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